Titanfall 2 (PC|PS4|XB1)
  • I've heard some good things from critics. I'll dive in after ya'll have dropped some opinions.
  • I wasn't planning on getting this straight away but after reading some reviews I think I might get it.
  • So I've played through about 70% of the campaign based on how long I've read it is, and tried my first multiplayer match. Still early but it feels great. Very fluid, movement based, elegant, most importantly perhaps it's not as overly busy as 1 was in multiplayer where some matches could devolve into mid-map clusterfucks. Same with piloting a Titan; 1 suffered from an all too busy and chaotic UI when in one, but my first match had no such problem, even when fighting a couple other Titans.
  • I have (I think) 2 campaign missions left and I've played a handful of the multiplayer.

    I really like this. I'm not a huge online shooter guy but I'm having fun. The game has even nudged me into going out and picking up a pair of Astro a50's because I just wanted it to sound amazing. I'm generally happy to sit there and listen to games through my shitty TV speakers.
  • The campaign is increddible I wish there was more.

    I'm liking the multiplayer. I don't think I'm as into it as I was iverwatch at the start of the year but it's dumb mindless fun. It can get a little hectic at times though.
  • I'm liking the campaign so far. It's almost how I used to imagine a Mechwarrior game when I was a wee lad.

    I'm not a big fan of the multiplayer though. Just feels like COD to me. The titans are fun when you finally get them, but running about as a pilot is a whole lot of meh.

    Fun, but glad I only paid $30 for it.
  • Finished the campaign. I don't really know what the fuck was going on, but it was a dickload of fun. I never really found a use for all the different types of Titan loadouts though. I stuck with the first one for most of the game -it just felt most effective and versatile. It was only towards the end I felt the need to switch it up a bit because Viper was kicking my butt until I switched to another loadout.
  • This is currently $35 on consoles. Very tempted. Do you all think it's worth it?
  • Yes! It's worth the $35. It might tide you over until Final Direction 15 drops a bit.

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