Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 24/10/16
  • (PC) Skyrim SE: Its very pretty but this is exactly how I remembered the game. So, I booted up old Skyrim and yeah, big difference with the textures and generally how much foliage there is. I played this for a few hours and am playing it very fondly with how immersive the combat is in Skyrim. Immersive in the sense that you're positioning yourself and flailing about. Its not particularly smart or complex being a tank and spank warrior type but its still fun. Highly recommend this for anybody who hasn't played it and I'm pleased at the idea that a new generation will get into this.
  • I have logged like 200 hours in Skyrim. Part of me really wants to stay away. We all know I will buy it when it hits twenty bucks because the only thing worse than heroin is cheap heroin.

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