Noobtoob's Week in Gaming, 10/10/16
  • Finally a week where I don't have to remember the European formatting of the date. This week, I wrote it the correct Muhrican way.

    Finished my first playthrough of Xcom 2. Those load screens are obnoxious. Forget Bloodborne, you gotta have a movie running while you this. Even flying home takes forever. Stupid hard, savescumming is baked in for a reason. Still love it. Maybe no plat.

    I tried PSVR at best buy. It seems to work really well. Fits my size eight head and glasses, and it is very comfortable. The graphics are like PS3 through a screen door. The are good enough. The tracking was pretty perfect through three games. The move controllers were the best part, seeing your hands and doing stuff is extremely immersive. The tech is the real deal.

    The down side was none of the games were must have, gonna play sixty hour affairs. Being Batman is cool as cool can be, but you can tell it is a one or two hour gig. Battle zone seems like a good game..... that I could play on 65 inch TV. I dunno, I want you all to buy it to drive the market and bring us that must play game. I think the VR equivalent of Super Mario Bros is coming. And I will buy a PSVR the moment it hits. It is an amazing toy waiting for its app.
  • Deus Ex - Platted it.

    7 Days to Die - Tried to enjoy it, but couldn't. It's crap.


    Xcom 2 - Played a little. Looks pretty damn good so far.

    Conker's Bad Fur Day - Got a whole bunch of free games when I bought my Bone including RareReplay which included this. Good memories.

    Ratchet & Clank - Finished in 2 sittings. I enjoyed this a lot. Bit of a difficulty spike at the end with that last boss though.

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