Noobtoob's Week in Gaming, 3/10/2016
  • All Xocm 2 all the time. Makes me so OCD happy. It is less about the chess moves and more about the special powers. Either you are malling them with special moves and multi kills or they get rolling and you die under a tide of clones and lancers and the like. Xcom was more about half moves and flanking and cover.

    I did not understand that contacts are the new satelites. I am playing blind and learning the the new game timer. We will see if I can dig out this first effort. I like all the changes, seems harder but maybe it is all just inexperience. I like the Rangers the best. Simple and lethal.
  • Deus Ex - Played only Breach mode. It still sucks but almost done. About halfway through tier 3 now.


    Dark Souls 3

    Goat Simulator DLC

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