Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 29/08/16
  • Started in on Nuka World. So far good not amazing. It's big enough and varied enough but the story is not grabbing me. I can lead the raiders now? Dude, I kill raiders. Putting a fifty cal in Lord Humongouses sternum would make me very happy. I am playing along for now, but this probably going to get even more murdery than usual real soon. Level 117 seems high enough, one VATS kill literally anything.
  • @8drawt

    When it comes to Bethesda, I have a problem. There is no good reason to level up a character this much. I have a problem.

    The most powerful weapon in Fallout 4 (aside from the Fatman) is a combat rifle with the explosive perk. If you trick it out full auto and have full demolition, action boy, and commando skills; then everything you meet is going to die. I have crazy power armor, but nothing lives long enough for it to be truly needed. I currently use the kiloton rifle from Far Harbor, but that is just an explosive rifle variant, and I do not think it is really appreciably better.
  • Fallout 4 - Mainly just exploring the wasteland, chasing trophies.

    Deus Ex - Haven't played much yet since I just got it, but I expect to this week. My first game purchase in the land of Oz in 20 years or more.

    Lord of the Rings War in the North - Meh, hack hack slash slash. It's not grabbed me yet.
  • Explosive mini gun might be better, dunno never got one. Eplosive assault rifle likewise sounds promising. Anything that sprays bombs on auto is going to break the game.
  • I hate it when that happens.
  • Platted Fallout 4. My character is currently level 54. Managed to get the Benevolent Leader without much hassle after finishing everything else. Got happiness up to 98 in Sanctuary through natural awesomeness and then did the build clinics until the trophy pops trick. I ended up making a Mr 1-shot character using a tricked out plasma pistol with sniper barrel mods, then putting points into pistols and stealthy things. Double damage for pistols after maxing out the perk, and then double damage while sneaking equals master of the wastelands.

    Serious Sam 3 - Played through most of this. The amount of enemies this game throws at you is insane sometimes, and can feel more grind than fun. The levels also seem to rotate through a cycle of town-desert-dark hole over and over.

    Deus Ex - Played through the first mission but decided to restart and go lethal for my 1st playthru. I also am planning to change the control scheme to DE:HR controls because the MD controls are a bit wank imo. Hold triangle to run? The fuck?

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