Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 25/07/16
  • Whilst watching the world die in an orgy of Democrat stupidity and hypocrisy, European brown on white completely took us by surprise violence (nudge nudge, wink wink), acts of Japanese financial terrorism against their own people, and Pokemon Go, I have been enjoying the following too:

    Minecraft - Building stuff.

    7 Days To Die - Building stuff.

    Overwatch - Played a little bit since the latest patch. Blizzard have fucked their game, so I'll wait until they unfuck it before playing again.

    Battleborn - The community saw a bit of revival with a recent loot event and it seems to be sticking around waiting for the next character to drop, which is tomorrow iirc. I've just been working on levelling up the various characters. It's a grind-fest.

    Dead Island Retro Revenge - This came with the Dead Island PS4 remake (don't buy it by the way, only the first game is even on the disc, the sequel and this retro garbage are DLC). This is like a crappy looking side scrolling beat em up. It follows the story of a dude running through a zombie infested city trying to rescue his cat. It's awful. Why do they insist on relentlessly releasing crap associated with this franchise? Do they deliberately make it crap to fit in with the rest of the series at this point?

    Dark Souls 3 - More of this.

    Destiny - Did a few missions of the DLC, and mainly just trying to get gear and light levels to take on the harder missions.

    It's only going to get worse folks. Have a nice week.
  • @Manio you can also invade as a Mound Maker. You'll be a purple invader. You don't have to be summoned. If you invade it's better, since the AI enemies won't attack you, plus you can still attack either the host or the other invaders.
  • @GoodEnoughForMe itll go down I have no doubt about that.
  • @Manio, I think you have to kill 1 host, 1 blue sentinel, or 3 white summons and/or invaders.

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