Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 11/07/16
  • Overwatch - Platted it. Most of the trophies were pretty easy, with a dose of devilish for variety. I'm now focused on competitive mode.

    Minecraft - Same as always.

    Battleborn - Finished the campaign on Normal. Playing a mission here and there.

    Destiny - Managed to get Taken King for cheaps, so spent a few hours downloading and installing updates. I plan to find a clan and finish off the trophies I missed from before.

    I was also offered to join a Battlefront team. Does anyone still play it? Is it still shit? I notice it's only $10 to buy here, so I'm tempted.
  • Still farting around with Rachet and Clank and Fallout 4. Had family in, so not much room for gaming, just trying to keep the toddler ball from rolling off a cliff. I think actual dust and typography was coming out of it, ala Peanuts. I gotta get back into Uncharted 4.

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