Pokemon Go
  • Finally got started tonight on this. Got to level 4, caught a bunch of Weedles, Pidgeys, Spearows, Ratatas, also a Magicarp, Seel, and Bulbasaur. Still lots of people walking about and playing.
    Noobied by 1NewAgeRed
  • I have never caught the terrible Pokemon bug, and I ain't starting now. I don't know what a magicarp is, and I could die a happy man never knowing. This has addiction and piss off your wife written all over it in an unpleasant lime green font. I sure ain't better than the pokefolk, I just have enough game and pop culture slots filled already. I feel some relief knowing this seeming super gaming crack is going to pass me by. Nintendo plus pay to win sounds like it is designed to rip out your limbic system and show it to you. I never ever thought my mtg cards would be worth more than I paid for them, and that is as far as I ever want to go down that rabbit hole.
  • I'm all the way in. I'm so far in that I think I might buy coins. I never buy coins/gems/whatever other fucking thing they use as currency. It's so similar me yet so addicting. Me and my girlfriend went a walk in the park the other day and caught a pikachu. It's awesome.

    Level 11 took on a couple gyms. All good. I'd love the battling to change to the actual Pokemon game style and maybe let me battle other trainers but apart from that this is cool. Oh and give me a way to level up my Pokemon I have other than catching more of them for candy.

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