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  • Hey, loooooooooooong time no see Sandata. We had some groups going on PC during the beta, a couple disparate ones but ones nonetheless. I know of several NTers who are getting it.
  • I played some of this, currently level 5. Already thinking Overwatch is Overhype. It's kinda terrible. To rag on Destiny or Streetfighter 5 and then sing the praises of this makes no sense to me. The gameplay itself is solid. It plays smooth and the mechanics are fun, and there are plenty of characters to choose from. But that's ALL it has. It is reminding me of Shadowrun in some ways. There's no story or even attempt at a story. There is a generic bad team trying to achieve ..... something. And there is a generic good team trying to stop them from achieving whatever that may be.

    The game is as deep as a kiddy pool. The character you start with at rank 1 is the character you will have at rank 70. All upgrades you receive are cosmetic only. I pity the fool who actually spends real money on loot boxes for a completely random chance at some new spray tags or emotes, or avatars for your dog tag (which easily make up the vast majority of unlockables). So, what am I here for again?

    No plot. No character progression. No meaningful unlocks. Just 3 (?) game modes on a handful of maps with some fun for a while characters, all yours for $60. What a steal! It truly feels like theft.

    Oh, and skill means almost nothing, since this is a team game. Yet many still try to play it like COD. The team that works together, wins together. You can usually tell within the first minute or 2 which team is going to win. I was in a match against a group whose members were between levels 20 and 30, while we are between 3 and 10, and we beat them.

    I'll stick with it for a little longer but my gut is telling me to sell it before too many people catch on and the price drops. You can go get Destiny Taken King for half the price of this, and it'll be a better experience. You can go get Garden Warfare 2 for half the price of this, for an even cutesier team shooter with better unlocks and character progression. Play-Asia is even selling Battleborn for $20 this week (which I also snagged). Unless Blizzard is planning some goddamn amazing free dlc in the near future, this game isn't worth it imo.

    That people are so excited about this game baffles me. The guys at Kotaku can't seem to stop ejaculating.. Games are almost as bad as movies at this point. An ocean of crap but with the occasional sparkle, and mermaids everywhere trying to lure weary buyers onto their rip-off rocks.
  • Sadly, it's Blizzard which means it won't go on sale for like 2 years lol.
  • Level 24 now. Really really not liking these loot boxes. It's bad enough they give you mostly crap, but I'm already getting duplicates (I've had 3 so far). Considering there are over 20 characters with around 54 unlockables each, and I have less than 10 unlocked for all but Reinhardt, I shouldn't be getting this many dupes so early. What's worse, is they convert automatically into cash, so you can save up and buy other things, but they don't give you cash equal to the value of the drop, but a paltry fraction, so you can't even buy something else to compensate. That's so fucked. Especially since levelling up is pretty slow. It's the worst mechanics of free to play games only this time I paid to play. I'm glad Jim Fucking Sterling Son is calling them out on this.

    I've tried most of the characters now, and have some favorites, but there are clearly some winners and losers in this mix. D-Va for example, is a pile of shit. Her mech is pretty garbage unless you use it as a bomb, and I find I take out dudes quicker with my little pistol out of the mech than when using the guns on the mech, which makes no sense to me.

    Reinhardt is a beast but his ultimate ability is very hit and miss. Sometimes it just doesn't do anything. I'll barge into a group of fools and unleash it, and I seem to get a 50-50 chance of it actually doing anything. His regular burst shot and charge attacks are way better, and far more lethal.

    I've also put in a lot of time as Mercy, Reaper, and Widowmaker. Just started getting into Bastion and Pharah too.

    If you can get into a game where people understand teamwork, and understand that in order to capture an objective you actually have to stand in it, it's a blast to play. If you get stuck on a team of COD players who scatter to the 4 winds as soon as the game starts and get themselves picked off easily, well, you can always try to pop some trophies I suppose.

    Sloth, are people still playing PvZ on PS3? It was very dead the last few times I tried to play it. PS4 was a bit more lively though.
  • D-Va is worthless. If she's not getting her arse kicked by everyone including the opposing team's medic she's blocking the view of others. I read they are thinking of making her even more durable, or upping the damage/range of her mech.

    More loot box bullshit. Last night I popped 2 and one of them dropped a legendary skin, which had me excited, until it appeared and was a legendary I already had (I have maybe 3, out of dozens). So the game gave me 200 credits instead. Gee, thanks. A legendary skin costs 1000 credits.
  • McCree needs the nerf. He is OP as hell. Flash bang, fan the hammer, ad nauseum. Occasionally, it's high noon, from across the map. If only Junkrat's RIP were so effective.

    Widowmaker's latest nerf hasn't bothered me. I managed to get her 2 trophies easily enough and I still get decent kills with her. I read the next patch will make her ultimate be heard through the entire map when she activates it. That's going a bit too far imo, and is a big nerf for her. Also, why would the deadly assassin announce that shit over a loud speaker? Her ultimate doesn't last all that long anyway. Seems overkill to me. She's a sniper. If she gets a headshot she should get the 1 hit kill.
    Noobied by 1westsw
  • Finally managed to get 20 people to use my teleporter as Symmetra yesterday! I got 19 3 times and not even close plenty more times, then finally did a mission with 24 teleports. Woohoo! Praise the enemy team for being competent enough to kill my team mates, but not enough to capture the objective.

    I then went back to Junkrat and tried in vain to get the 4 RIP kills. I've gotten 3 a couple of times, but that 4th is killing me. Turrets make short work of a RIP too. Damn that pesky dwarf.
  • Finally got 4 kills with D-Va's ultimate. Junkrat continues to elude me. It couldn't have panned out better. I snuck in behind them and dumped myself on top of their Bastion's head. The team's Mei panicked and threw up an ice wall, presumably to keep me out, but ended up trapping all her team members in with me. We all died gloriously.

    This is one of the few games that can make me fist pump when I get a trophy.
  • Got Junkrat's RIP trophy. At last. Managed to score it when a bunch of fools were crowding around their teleporter trying to protect it. Almost got the entire team. Took out 5 of them and the teleporter, and a couple of sentry turrets. I'm thinking I might try for Soldier 76 or Bastion's 4 kill trophies next, or maybe try some characters I haven't really touched yet, like Genji or Hanzo. Lucio's 3 kills while wall running without dying and Zenyatta's 4 discord orb kills in 6 seconds both sound like absolute nightmares.
  • Trying to get to 25 before competitive play comes in 19 at the minute. I have been playing a fair bit of reaper lately and having fun. I have only once managed to pop his ult and get out alive though.
  • Ranked/competitive is out and the first match was a bit of a wakeup call. Ouch.
  • Anyone having a slow time getting into games the past few days? I've been noticing significant slow down. It'll say estimated time to join game is between 10-20 seconds but I end up sitting there for 3-4 minutes, and then everyone quits after just 1 game.

    I got to level 22 again after 1st prestige (I don't know if that's what the cool Overwatch kids call it but anyway). I've been trying to get the 3 kills without reloading as Reaper trophy but it's proving to be a pretty tough challenge. Having to get 100% on 3 people is pretty tough, especially if they take damage from someone else in the process, totally screwing you up. I've been trying to hunt snipers or Junkrats (a lot of players just stand there waiting to be headshot from behind), but even then I sometimes don't get the 100%, and then no trophy.

    I tried a few times to get Zenyatta's trophies but they are also proving tough. I managed to get 3 discord kills within probably 3 seconds, but then couldn't find a 4th target anywhere. Still, enjoying the challenge. I'm determined not to cave and boost. I also found a strategy for Lucio's wall running kills trophy, but it's still hard as nails.
  • Competitive mode is 100000 times harder than quick play. Got mostly completely destroyed tonight. Admittedly, we had one game where we were down two players. But still. My ranking is horrible and I went 4-7.
  • Competitive mode on PS4 is .....OK. I don't have a team so it's always randoms but it isn't too much more difficult imo. A lot of people still play like idiots and as always, the team that plays together, wins together. If Blizzard intend for this to be a thing that sticks around they need to rebalance shit. I'll keep playing a little longer, but unless the ranked stuff is made more fair, I won't care about it. Fuck this 300 coins shit for 1 pissy Golden Gun that doesn't even look all that hot imo.
  • Got the 3 kills with 1 clip as Reaper, and finished off my 10 qualifiers for ranked matches. Terrible. They need to find a way to make this more accessible for people playing rogue to get higher ranks. Otherwise only people who play in dedicated groups are ever going to reach the high ranks.

    And since competitive launched the slowdown on finding matches has gotten even worse. I can now sit there for 5 minutes or more and still not get into a game (either competitive or quick match), even though the estimated time is still between 10-20 seconds.
  • 84% trophy completion. I just need the 4 kill trophies for a few characters, Winston's 6 players punched in 1 ultimate, Zarya's 5 players trapped, and Genji's deflection double kill. Everything else is done, and that plat is looking obtainable now. I got the floor is lava. I got Zenyatta's discord kills. Toot toot!

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