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  • I forgot how hard Lost Number in FF VII can be in his physical attack form.
  • I just started Doom. The weaken and then melee mechanic is amazing. Feels a little like Bulletproof.
  • I doubt I will ever be all that great at Overwatch, but the variety of playstyles via the characters and the general ease of learning means I won't be a total drag on my team like in some shooters.
  • Finished episode 1 of Life is Strange. This is some boring cringe-worthy shit! I hope it gets more interesting in episode 2, instead of more high school angst and climate change fear-mongering. The "acting" is really bad too btw, or maybe it just feels that way coming down from Uncharted 4.

    I also picked up DOOM, Overwatch, and Republique yesterday.
  • Up to ep 4 of Life is Strange. It's become slightly more interesting but not by much. Having a hard time seeing what all the fuss was about.
  • Finished Life is Strange. The last 2 episodes were a bit more interesting but overall this thing was rather boring. Every scene is basically walking around clicking on shit until you find whatever it is that triggers the next event. The rewinding was more tedious than it was fun imo, and other than that, with the exception of a scant few puzzles and stealth sections, this was Talk: The Game.

    People will no doubt defend this game citing the story as its saving grace. I have to say I disagree. The story was slowly paced and played out like bad teen dribble, which made the fact they made a jab at Twilight for the same reason at one point amusing. The "acting" -for I loathe to call it that- was atrocious. Whoever voiced Max has the emotional range of roadkill. The climax that the story comes to was also pretty crap. I know what they were going for, but they failed. In fact I hate games that pull shit like that at the end.

    Ending choice #1: Go back to the beginning and everything that you did in the game becomes meaningless. You choose the town over your friend (a town of generally unlikable shitheads under the thumb of a family of psychopaths).

    Ending choice #2: Let it be. You choose your friend over the town and let nature do what nature does so well.

    I've since read online that many people struggled with this choice. It took me 0.001 of a second to make my mind up. Be "moral" and sacrifice the one you love for the faceless many, or be "selfish" and save one at the expense of many. A "good" ending and a "bad" ending (internet's words, not mine). This choice, as far as I'm concerned, is no choice at all. That it capped off what was easily the least interactive and shortest of the 5 episodes was just another dick slap. They also tried to further ham-handedly push the "good" ending by not only having your best friend tell you to do it (out of concern for her mother), but also by implying that the storm was not really natural, and was in fact the by-product of the main character's actions. A nice bit of final emotional bribery to do the "humane" thing. Only Max saw the storm before she even knew she had her rewind power.

    This "greater good" bullshit is one of my pet peeves. There is no greater good. Anyone pushing for the greater good is really just trying to emotionally blackmail you. If someone made you choose between 1 or 100 or even 1 million stranger's lives for the life of the person you love most in this world, and you say you'd choose the strangers, you're either a liar or an idiot Sir.

    Whatever. It's a time travel story. And like all time travel stories, it makes no sense if you think about it for longer than it takes to put the disc in.
  • IMO unlimited potions/health items that you can activate and are given a usage cooldown are the most elegant solution. You still get punished for too much damage taken or whatever. Regenerating health is the most flawed. It rewards just ducking and doing nothing for a time. We've all turtled before with it I am sure. Completely uncompelling. Game time where we are sitting around waiting for regen is game time that is poorly done.
  • I love regenerating health because I'm a chicken shit coward and I'll take any cheap shot I can get, especially in stealth games. But now that you two have both laid it out like that, it does look like cooldown heals seem most balanced across the board. I still would prefer to grind up health pots and just drip them into me to get around bosses I don't have the skills to beat and eek out an undeserved victory.
  • Crikey, Republique is a bloody awful game. Even at $10 I can't recommend it.

    I finally got around to Witcher 3. I ended up restarting because I'd forgotten everything and I'm loving it this time around.
  • Wow, Umbrella Corps managed to be even more terrible than Operation Raccoon City.
  • Flibbie i watched Jim Sterlings review it was hilarious, one step forward 3 steps back :P
  • Yeah I saw that. Angry Joe ripped it a new one too. I watched a dude playing it on Twitch on release day for about 20 minutes or so and knew it was a turd. It doesn't even look like something I'd pick up for $1.
  • The demo of RE7 was interesting. It didn't feel like an RE game at all, and I don't know how I feel about that. It's clearly being made with VR in mind, which I give not a toss for. Part of me is thinking "what is this shit? It feels like they ripped off PT" while another part is thinking "the last time they moved away from the formula in such a big way we got RE4". But still, RE in first person mode?

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