It's Official, GOP Loses Its Damn Mind
  • Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. The most openly sexist, racist, xenophobic, narcissistic, and most easily angered candidate in living memory. A guy who is comfortable making fun of the physically disabled in front of a crowd. A guy who just accused an opponents father of being a part of JFKs assassination, based on a tabloid story. A guy who has talked openly about how we need to invade the middle east, again, and just take the oil. Don't like American imperialism? Meet a guy clearly wants to be an emporer way more than a president. How easy is it to imagine Trump getting mad at a situation and blurting out, "Just nuke 'em!"? If somebody tells him he can't? "Yer fired!" Then we all get to die in nuclear fire, imagining the squinty eyed, pouty lipped New Jersey up yours face he made when he killed us all.
  • Some of us got kids and have not gone full nihilist.
  • You always assume so much westsw. It exposes you for the ass you are.
  • Burn it all down is a classic nihilist statement. I'm just going with what you give me. You may not be as complex as you imagine.
  • I am deeply unexcited about Hilary. She is a classic, more of the same, candidate. I simply prefer her to a guy who could use a National Enquirer story as a reason to go to war. I prefer generic crappy to we could all die crazy. Democracy sometimes requires some nose holding.
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  • We will finally see if Nostradamus was right Mad Max 3D here we come!
  • Kind of amazing that Trump is getting more blatantly racist. Saying a judge, or anyone, cannot do their job, based solely on their ethnic background, is definitional racism.
  • Republicans calling him out on the racism and then maintaining their support for him is funny in that it does the work of confirming that they are racist or accept racism at some level.
  • They know their base.
  • Is Marion Barry running for president? Pretty sure he's dead. He is exactly the kind of guy you would have to sink to to find a "Trump equivalent Democrat". An actual crack user is a great Trump parallel. I am not a big fan of Hillary, but between her and a guy so racist he does not even recognize his racism when it is explained to him in simple terms, I pick Hillary. Elections sometimes yield dissapointing versus "Holy God, what disaster! It's like Snooki is running for President!" kind of choices.

    If you want to get real depressed about the state of Republican politics, the polling shows most folks recognize that Trumps statements are racist, however a majority of Republicans do not think that saying a federal judge is unfit for his job, based on his ethnic background, is racist. Beyond Trump losing badly, good Republicans have to worry their party is just going to turn into a white identity party.
  • Gotta stop Trump. Beyond being a pig, he's also the most likely to use nukes, and he would obviously use the presidency to settle scores. Day one, he would give the Justice department and the IRS a list O names. Third party gave us Bush over Gore. Thanks a bunch assholes.
  • I've talked to campaigners and political science majors, and honestly, real change comes from within moving the parties, not voting third party. There will probably never be a third party of significance in our lifetime. So you have to work to move from within. Obama did this with health care when he first came to office, and Sanders did it most recently by getting Hillary to concede to a $15 minimum wage. Changing party platforms and mission statements, whether you're Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist, Anarchist, whatever, is where the real political change comes from in America. The system is not setup to foster third parties or sweeping parliamentary-like changes. You will do more for libertarianism as an on-the-grounds person for one of the major parties where you can talk to people, register people, and work to shift things locally.
  • Well another mass shooting and another opportunity for America to ignore the ubiquity of cheap military grade firearms. Trump has renewed his call to ban Muslim immigration. Of course the shooter was born here, but many of Trumps supporters believe he just wants to deport all Muslims, and they are more than cool with that. Let's outlaw a religion practiced by 1.6 billion, because that is not unconstitutional or crazy. That is where Trumps base is at. Oh yeah, Trump is also banning reporters he does not like, so fuck freedom of the press.
  • We are in a middle ground on guns. You can't own a grenade launcher or mount a 50 cal on you truck. We need to think about what rational guns laws would look like. The founders never imagined that the village idiot would be able to afford technology that could kill dozens in a few minutes. A musket cost a year of labor in some cases. A whole different world than ours.
  • Maybe common hand guns need to become less common.
  • I used to be ok with handguns and hunting rifles but the evidence is too compelling to not have a systemic, blanket-wide mandatory buyback and ban of most/all firearms. Even if you work with a (false) prior that it wouldn't stem homicides, it would certainly stem suicides.

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