PlayStation 4.5
  • More and more rumors are swirling about a mid generation Sony upgrade. Microsoft as well has hinted at upgradable hardware. What do we think about that? What do we think it will be? Is it real?

    I think if it real, and all the software does not work well on both PS4 and PS 4.5, Sony is going to piss people off out of their minds. I will be pissed and I am a horrible Sony fanboy. If it is real, and only does 4k gaming, and better frame rates, and better streaming and better PS VR; I will likely not be offended, but I sure might not get one. The paradox, from my point of view, is that in order to be worth buying, it would functionally have to be a new console, which 3 years out is too soon.

    Maybe I am not the target demo. Apple proved you can get a subset of folks to buy a new version of the same gizmo every year. Maybe PS4.5 is for richer or more impulsive people who have to have the latest doodar. I dunno. My fear is that PS VR will be geared for this thing, and the software for that will bifurcate, but I am purposefully trying to describe my dividing line on this totally theoretical console. What do others think?

  • They haven't made anywhere near enough games for the PS4 to justify a PS4.5. PS4 so far has been a HD remake machine, with a smattering of decent original titles tossed in. Putting their hand out for another $4-500 so soon? They may as well take their dicks out and slap us in the face with them.
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  • I really don't know how I feel about this. I will always want the best that's on offer so I will have to get the NEO I just really hope that Sony do some make good for PS4 owners I bought my console on release day. Dodgy eject button and all.

    I'd love some option to give them a £100 and my old PS4 for a NEO or something along those lines. I really don't wanna shell out another £350 for a slightly more powerful machine. Especially if all that's gonna happen is a slightly higher frame rate.

    I mean....I will. I just don't want to.
  • I'd be surprised if an actually significant amount of people are willing to fork over all the money again, although maybe they're also counting on some first time buyers, since we're still relatively early in the cycle.
  • It seems like such a relatively small improvement. The number of pre E3 leaks and press events this year will be insane. No way the big 3 all unveil new consoles, and PS VR, all brand new at E3.
  • Seems like a hard sell to have both VR and NEO on the table the same year.
  • I agree, especially if they frame the Neo as the "real" PSVR machine. That would just suck the air out of PSVR being cheaper. It would still be cheaper, but the PR would stink.

    Maybe the Neo is just a ploy to make Sony 4k TVs more attractive. Who knows. I sure want a new TV. But I sure do not need one. You know it's getting bad when you secretly wish your 4 year old would break the TV. It would be like when I blame the baby for my copious gas. Pro tip guys, if you have a baby in your lap, you can fart all you like. The secret joys of parenting.
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  • Why aren't you on the PC train, Egg? Tradition?
  • Egg, Forza 6 Apex is PC as well. Think about it pal.
  • So what is an off the shelf model that is worth it? I am never putting a PC together.
  • Whatever is on sale if you're buying pre-made. There are almost always some form of online coupons being offered for the likes of HP/Dell/Lenovo/etc., that you can plug in and save 10-20%. Amazon also has a huge selection of premades that are worth browsing. Compare across a few different vendors and find the best deal. Generally speaking, Intel processors are better but more expensive than AMD. Same with Nvidia cards vs. AMD. Eschewing SSDs for now will keep the price lower. Avoiding really obnoxious looking rigs will save you money AND prevent you from looking like a tool. What you get and how long it lasts depends on budget, but generally speaking if you're willing to pay a bit more now to get a decent power supply and processor, you can easily keep your PC running for years - with 2 minute upgrades that even someone inundated with kids 24/7 can do - of the RAM and graphics card down the line.

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