(XB1/Win10) Gears Of War 4: Official Discussion Thread
  • Gears 2 was awesome. I used to love the horde mode. I liked all the Gears games, but I can barely remember that spin off game. The one that didn't focus on the 2 main dude bros. I'm interested to see how Gears 4 turns out, and I will play it on a friend's Bone as I do with all the M$ exclusive stuff these days. Will it follow Halo down the drain? Or rise to the occasion?
  • Halo? Down the drain Halo 5 was an incredible game. Okay so the series isn't held with as much reverence as maybe 10 years ago but 5 was still a great game.

    The shitty, shitty Gears game was Vengeance also. My god that game was terrible.

    I'm hoping Gears 4 will be good but the last release didn't leave me with much hope. Vengeance wasn't made by epic's main team either. This one does t even have epic's touch. I'm worried because I loved Gears 1,2 and 3. I don't think it will work I really don't.
  • 4 and a half hours with 1 of those hours being cutscenes? Incredible?

    Like I've said before. I guess we have different standards of excellence.
  • I still feel like 4k is in the minority right now. I don't know anyone who games with a 4k set-up, but I might transition to that when Xbox's Project Scorpio comes out. I'd love to build a new 4k capable PC right now, but I'm currently unemployed since I went back to school, so things are tight.
  • I have got a GTX 1080 and a beasty PC I am tempted to try it at 4k on the main TV just for the hell of it to see how it looks, but it would be pushing out a crazy amount of pixels I am sure it would just flop dead under the load.
  • Recommended 1060 already? Lmao what. That card just came out. Ridiculous.
  • Anyone been playing this? Looking for some thoughts/opinions before I dive in.
  • I played a little bit. It's Gears. If you liked them up to now you will enjoy this one. The new enemies seem to be just reskinned Locust. I have heard the ending sucks because it's sudden and clear sequel bait but is anyone really surprised by that at this point?
  • I might just con one of my buddies into giving me their Gears 3, and Judgment codes for the time being
  • @Manio. Just ask for 3. Trust me. You don't want judgement.
  • I think ranked seperates console and PC gamers.

    I have just started act 3. Not played any multiplayer yet. I think me and my girlfriend are gonna have a run through horde this weekend. Put it on easy for her see how she gets on.
  • Compared to the previous Gears titles (Judgment included) how would you guys rank the games?
  • Toss up between Gears 1 and 2 for first place, then probably as they've been released is my order of preference. But I haven't played much of Gears 4 yet so that could change.
  • Really I would probably go 4,2,3,1 then judgement way way way down below. So far down you can barely see Bairds smug assed, annoying face.

    2 made huge improvements in story and Horde obviously. 3 followed that through. 4 is more Gears with a few sweet extras. I like the cross play, it looks beautiful and the leap over cover and the grab moves are kinda awesome. 1 was great when it came out but the others built on the foundation Gears of War set down.

    And judgement just sucks dick worse than my ex girlfriend who had the bucked teeth.

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