Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 04/01/16
  • It's a good machine.

    And now we, the people of noobtoob, demand that you play Bloodbourne.

    One of us.
    One of us.
  • Uncharted 2

    It is still great, but I hit a point where I could not figure out how to climb up to the window in question. I felt like Sunny.
  • I will surely play Bloodbourne some day, although I feel I owe more time to its precursors, still, sadly. I never cleared out all of Dark Souls 1 or 2, only Demon's.
  • DS2 on PS4 is spose to be pretty sweet.
  • So I put about an hour into Assassin's Creed Rogue and it's a lot better than expected.
  • Batman jumps off that list to me. All humans like that game. Dishonered would be next. Very Bioshocky, more than infinite, which is weird. Helldivers if you want some fast stupid twin stick fun. Helldivers is great and you will know in two minutes if this will be a regular evening appointment or not. Get the mech, it is cheap and fun. Last of Us is amazing, but it is emotional, especially if you have kids, and is best played in long chunks. It ain't fast or casual.
  • For what it's worth, I err on the side of the oldest games first in a backlog, as for most people, stuff doesn't always age well, and each year divorced from release may see another bunch of features of modern games you wished you had while playing it. If you're relatively immune to that kind of thing, and/or willing to put up with anachronisms (because you have no life, such as me), then ignore this suggestion.
  • Batman jumps out at me too from that list dude. It's an amazing game. Some would say (me) the best in the series.
  • Does anyone play Titanfall these days?

    My week was pretty straightforward:

    Bloodborne - Every night. Going through the chalice dungeons with Epke. I finished all of them on my 2nd character and now caught up to him with a 3rd character.

    Mario 3D - Going through the post-story star missions.

    That's about all.
  • I sold Titanfall like two weeks after buying it.
  • I keep looking at it wondering. They released a horde mode and I own the season pass. I should jump back in I finished in level 48. If not just to finish the last 2 levels prestige or whatever they call it.
  • I still like Titanfall. After all, it's basically free.
  • It was fun for awhile, the game modes they have since added were fun. It tried to make multiplayer FPS gameplay more accessible in several ways, and I think that deserves credit, even if it didn't necessarily do enough to matter much in the end. It was a very fluid fun shooter for the most part, just not enough legs.
  • I played Titanfall recently and didn't have any problems getting into a game.

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