Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 28/12/15
  • Tell you what, you give me two weeks off over Christmas and I just get lax at everything. Didn't post one WiG, didn't actually write a summary for the other. I figured I better at least get this one up early before I forgot...

    This is also being posted from my phone, so I'll not go into too much detail, but I am hopeful that I'll have Red Dead clocked before I go back to work in 2016.

    Fill us in on what gaming treats were waiting for you once Santa had finished emptying his sack under your tree.
  • Bloodborne - As always.

    Super Mario 3D World - Picked it up with the WiiU and enjoyed it. Ridiculously easy though.

    LEGO City Undercover - Another game I got with the WiiU. It's pretty good. They did some fun things with the gamepad and there's a ton of content as with most LEGO games. The load times can be a bit long.

    Ao Oni (Blue Demon) - An old free PC RPG / horror game. You play as a guy trying to rescue your friends and escape a haunted mansion. The enemy is a big blue demon that randomly appears and chases you. If it catches you it's game over. Basically Alien Isolation with much shittier graphics.
  • I have trouble imagining a story worse than the one presented in Fallout 3. I might have to get this game once the new year shenanigans is done with.
  • I wrapped up Fallout 4 this weekend. The story was dogshit. COMPLETE dogshit. Bethesda fell into the same, SAME pitfalls they fell into before in Fallout 3. Despite them saying they wouldn't. Despite them saying they learned a lot about storytelling. It's completely fucking braindead. Disappointing game.
  • The main story is too samey, and the faction decisions get jarring as Hell. It ain't a perfect game. I hope they know they gotta do a complete overhall for 5. I still love this game, but they have clearly run out of road in many ways. Some of the side quests are absurdly entertaining. Just did the final voyage of the USS Constitution and loved it. I still think the DLC might be awesome because they can do fully absurd stories. Silly works better than heavy for them at this point. They arebetter off doing Red Dwarf than Apocylypse Now. Closing in on the final trophies. Benevolent leader continues to be confounding.

    Also kind of impressed with LBP3. Not buggy so far and my kid loves it. Oddsock controls are great. Quite a steal for 8 bucks.
  • Plat for Fallout 4.

    Well there's one trophy Sunny will never have....... or want.
  • It doesn't look too tough to do, I considered it anyway. With one playthrough I hit 710/1000, so, I dunno. I still come back to it. Like you mentioned earlier, some things, like the Ironsides quest, and more are fantastic. But so much of it is just, well, stupid. So I hope to uncover more enjoyable things like that.
  • Easy Plat. With a save at the main faction fork, Mass Fusion, all the endings are yours fast. Hacking 50 terminals I had to go back for, because I prefer lockpicking. Just hack everything you find the first time. I let Nick do all that shit and it did not count. Fifty side missions can be weird because what counts and what does not. Probably the vertibird grenades are the fastest route. Benevolent leader can be wonky, you are better off trying to make a single settler happy.

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