Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 07/12/15
  • I am managing to cut down on Fallout 4. Needs to happen. The shakes is bad though, people. Call Doctor Robert. Helter Skelter etc...
  • Working through Dark Souls II on PS3. I'm not far, but I already feel like this game isn't as polished as Demon's Souls or Dark Souls; maybe it's just me.
  • The world is not folded as intricately. Some of the bosses are bullshit. It is easier, which I love. I agree it has a different feel.
  • Bloodborne - Jolly co-operation.

    Borderlands 2 - Platted it.

    Borderlands Pre-Sequel - Almost platted. I just have to finish up all the side missions and do all the weapon challenges. All the co-op stuff, leveling, and character specific trophies are done.

    Going through the entire Borderlands series back to back has been fun, and the story actually is a lot more coherent and connected than I remember it being. A lot of side quests connect the games in addition to the main plot and characters. For example, in Tales from the Borderlands there is an AI Jack, and in the Pre-Sequel there's a very short and forgettable side mission in which you help Prof Nakayama make the Jack AI. Cool little things like that have made me enjoy this series more than I already did.

    Ratchet & Clank 1-3 HD - Interesting games. I like the 1st and 3rd ones, the 3rd especially, but the 2nd game has a lot of things about it that are just not fun. The 3rd game is clearly what they were aiming for with the 2nd game, but they shot wide of the mark. The vehicles for instance are horrible in 2, but loads of fun in 3. Ditto the side missions. I haven't finished any of the 3 games yet, but that's the impression so far.

    Currently at 99 plats, should be able to get my 100.

    Oh, and I bought a WiiU with Mario 3D and LEGO City too. Maybe I'll set it up and buy some more games for it over the Xmas/New Year vacation.

  • WiiU?Nintendo Fanboy! :P
  • It was cheap and well tis the season to be jolly and consume after all. :)
  • Tales has managed to retroactively make Borderlands a better series. I can't say enough good about that game. What a great thing.
  • Sunny, it's true. I like how Borderlands shows the death of Atlas, then hints at Hyperion. Borderlands Pre-Sequel shows the Hyperion-Dahl war and rise of Jack. Borderlands 2 shows Hyperion hegemony and the end of Jack. And then Tales shows the end of Hyperion and rebirth of Atlas. It all works so well now. I also like how the various vault hunters connect throughout the series.
  • Borderlands Pre-Sequel platted. 100 plat mission accomplished.

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