What do you eat
  • I eat pretty much anything, and don't pay much attention to calories and things like that. There's quite a bit of variety in my diet, because Japan is a nation of foodies and culinary geniuses imo, but I do eat Vegemite toast at breakfast almost daily, as it's one of the few Ozzy foods I can get here, or want. I'd kill a vagrant for a box of Weet-Bix sometimes though....

    Other than that I eat sushi maybe once or twice a week because it gives my mouth an orgasm. Anything else is fair game as I come across it. I rarely eat McD's or KFC or shit like that and I don't drink Coke or other soft drinks except on the odd occasion. It's not an active avoidance coming from a desire to eat healthy it's simply that Japan has so many local fast foods that are cheaper and a million times tastier that I just don't think to go there.
  • The blood of the innocent.
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  • Salads, oatmeal, microwavable rice things, microwavable canned things, cereal, pop-tarts, try to keep it to about 1400-1500 calories a day. Not a lot of nutrition in my diet because I mostly buy only super cheap and super easy.
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