Favourite "Souls" Game
  • Since I said I'd do a few more of these, and since this forum sometimes doubles as a Souls game fan forum, considering how those are the most popular threads, I figured; I've already asked what the hardest is, what about simply people's favourite? So here you go. Knock your socks off. Favourite Souls family game. Feel free to elaborate why you chose a certain game and not others.
    You died
    1. What is your favourite game in the Souls family?13 votes
        Demon's Souls
      1. Dark Souls
      2. Dark Souls II
      3. Bloodborne
  • At first I thought this was a tough question, but after a bit of reflection I came to the conclusion that my gut response was the correct one: Demon's Souls.

    The reasons are:

    1. It was a game changer. It has created its own genre now, has spawned clones and influenced many other games, and has been good for the industry.

    2. People will no doubt say the world in Dark Souls was bigger, more intricate, and deeper and in some ways that's true, but in other ways not. Demon's Souls had smaller, unconnected maps, but that world was deep as Hell. What was better, and what has NOT been seen since in any Souls game, or any other game that I can think of, is that actions performed in one play through would carry over to the next, via the world and character darkness and light tendencies. This would mean some areas would be open or closed in a subsequent playthru provided you met certain conditions in the previous one. Areas would also become more difficult or easier, and populated with different enemies, depending on these tendencies. Other Souls games upped the enemy count and toughness based on NG+ or NG++ etc, but none of them ever did it based on how you were playing your current playthru. I can't think of any other game that does this, and it was awesome as fuck.

    3. Speaking of awesome as fuck, one of the bosses in this game could be controlled by an invading player if conditions were right. Again, I've never seen this before or since Demon's Souls.

    4. The bosses and soundtracks for them were all great. There was a lot of variety in the bosses, and each presented their own challenge in a different way.

    5. "Sticky white stuff" being an item.

    6. The message system which started a whole new style and level of troll goodness, and funny moments.

    7. The lore and atmosphere was fantastic. The NPCs were great, had their own stories and motivations, and weren't just generic retards. Yurt.

    So yeah, Demon's Souls for me, but it's a bit like asking which of your children you like best.
  • sloth, my first ever Bloodborne character was a cane cracking head smacking gentleman of the arts too, so I know where you're coming from. ;)
  • DS2, cuz the bonfires were closer together.
  • Demon's souls the game where i didn't blame the game but myself for dying! And running into holes a lot, ask flibble :P
  • I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that Dark Souls 1 is coming last in this poll.
  • Look at that beautiful three way.
  • DS2 was the friendliest, the most user friendly, in some ways the least Soulsiest. My pic, but I am stunned the most Souliest, DS1, is getting stomped. Folks do not like the jerkiest jerk.
  • Definitely do it. Souls :)
  • Dark Souls 1 would be my very close 2nd, followed by Bloodborne and then DS2. I'm really hopeful that DS3 will become my new #1 though. It looks that good.

    Dark Souls 2 was a great game. I'm developing a rage-induced nervous tic here watching people almost apologize for liking it. Own that shit and say it proudly. The people who diss DS2 still played the hell out of it, so it can't have been that bad.

    Games of last gen sounds fun. Manio, get to organizing that shit! :p
  • Wow, the 4 games are tied. Smells like justice.

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