Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 07/09/15

    that is all
  • Epke, I'll download it tonight maybe. We still have V2 to do!

    And finished Duck Tales today. Last level had a bit of a difficulty spike after a fairly easy cruise through most of the game.
  • @Epke i just downloaded twisted metal.
    Wanna hop online and play some matches?
  • I started Grow Home, but could not have given less of a shit. Maybe I am mad the stick it to the man guys lost the vote. I am definitely going to give twisted metal a try.
  • You just had to didn't you @Sunflower . You had to. The whole world is pretty much in agreement that Metal Gear is amazing and Mad Max is pretty mediocre at best. But you. Nope. You just have to be different. I'm sure you just wait for everyone else to voice their opinion and think nah fuck that I'll think the opposite. Just 'cause.

    As for me as I said above its all been Metal Gear. I seem to be in a proper rhythm with this game now. Get up 2 hours earlier than I need to. Play Metal Gear, do some side ops. Go work. Get home from work. Fire up that PS4. Play more Metal Gear story stuff. I love this game and I'm not afraid to join the crowd and say it.

    It won't make you a sheep if you agree with the populous sunny.
  • Sorry you're catching feels over it. I like what I like.
  • Sunny truly enjoys dissing widely loved games. He says awful stuff about Uncharted and Skyrim, which is like dissing the Beatles. It says more about you than them.
  • Ahhh, but that is not what I am trying to do. What I would point out is the key difference between not liking something and not respecting it. A child thinks that because it does not like chocolate, that chocolate is terrible, and all the people who like it must be stupid.

    An example in art would be that I do not like The Beach Boys, but, because I am an adult, I do respect them. Pet Sounds is a massively important album that has inspired much art that I do love. You are welcome to not like Skyrim. However, when you call it hot garbage, you are disrespecting an impressive work of art, that has already likely influenced games that you do love. All you demonstrate is your ignorance, that you cannot tell the difference between your individual enjoyment and the greater importance of the work being considered.

    A child thinks its opinion is the only one, that personal enjoyment and worthy of respect are the same thing. I think you are better than that.
  • You are welcome to not like Uncharted, but you cannot deny its importance. I love the Beatles, if George Martin says Pet Sounds raised the bar in ways that deeply influenced Stg Peppers, I have to respect that. Sunny loves Gears. Cliffy B has talked about how impressive Uncharted 2 was. It clearly raised the bar in ways that improved the Gears series. This is not rocket science. This is basic art appreciation. The work has importance far beyond your experience of it. Focusing solely on that is literally child-like.
  • By saying they don't like something, they are not saying they deny it has value as art. You are the only one taking the discussion off on that tangent westsw. This is your usual clairvoyant routine of assuming to know the hearts and minds of everyone, then taking things people say and running off to Fantasyland with them. Sunny even said point blank in very short sentences that even nutta could comprehend that some aspects of MGS5 were done great, but that he felt it was overrated. What else does he have to say?
  • Just trying to raise the level of the discussion.
  • @Dr Flibble i think @westsw is pretty safe in his assumption of sunnies views. I mean if you just listen to games only and the trash he has talked about skyrim, you'll understand.

    And as for my earlier view, I actually found it entertaining that @Sunflower threw some shade on Metal Gear Solid V. The way he trolls games like that on the podcast, with such close minded views, in a way only sunny can is extremely funny to listen to.
  • Sunny you yourself are guilty of condemning a game like it is a fact, (gamesonly podcast), Some people are very polarized over some games, I am pretty relaxed about it, Off course people who don't like Bloodborne should be shot :P

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