Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 31/08/15
  • I may not really be a gamer. Dishonered is good, but it is kind of an overpowered stealth game that tries to tempt you into a sword fight mechanic, that should totally be third person. Old old news. Looking forward to Twisted Metal on Plus. I have been holding off on that forever, because I knew it was coming. I will never buy The Order, because it will be on Plus in the next year. I want a Vita, but I already do not play all the games I got. Binge watching Narcos and Rick and Morty was way more of my week.
  • Bloodborne - Been playing this with Epke. We are cleaning up side bosses before hitting Mensies House of Frenzy. Only Paarl and Amygdala to go.

    Plants Vs Zombies - Garden Warfare on PS3. It was fun. I got some trophies.

    LEGO Jurassic World - Platted it.

    Mickey's Castle of Illusion - Got to the end, lost my save, started again and got to the end again. Last boss is cheap as fuck.

    Sniper Elite 3 - 5 out of 8 missions down. I like this game. The levels are big and fun.

    Until Dawn is in the mail so hopefully it'll arrive this week. I had to import from the US because the J-version is fucking hideous. ALL of the gore has been cut out, and instead you get to listen to it with a black screen.

    I also watched the whole Wrong Turn movie series. If you have a fetish for deranged hillbillies and barbed wire you might enjoy them.
  • Until Dawn is censored in Japan?!? A country where men read comics on public transit, that might be considered child porn elsewhere on the Earth? The country that has been making blood fountain samurai movies for decades? A country so into porn and violence in media that it's vocabulary is used elsewhere?

    Please explain censorship of games in Japan. I am officially interested in the anthropology. Wait, Japan makes a bunch of pervy games. What the hell is going on.
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  • Basically Japanese censorship is using the thinking that games are interactive and therefore need tougher regulation than books or film. They still censor film too (Chappie being a notorious recent example) but they lose their minds with games. Sexual things are OK, but you can't show the good bits. God Of War for example has those famous sex mini-games; in the Japanese version the girls are always wearing bikinis. You can get away with implying a whole bunch of shit, but you can't outright show some things. The current government is also currently threatening to pass tougher laws all round so the days of good ol' tentacle rape porn films and games may have had their days numbered. As for violence, that sort of thing is not on. Blood is still sometimes censored (eg, Dying Light had green blood in Japan) and the gore in Evil Within was removed but provided as DLC for the Japanese market. Games like Heavy Rain pulled the Until Dawn trick with its nudity and sex scenes too. Until Dawn is possibly one of the worst butcherings I've ever seen though.
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  • You can still have blood and violence, as long as the enemy is not human. I had a talk with a dude who works at CAPCOM many a year ago, and he told me one of the reasons Resident Evil was a zombie game was to get around the censors. Zombies are no longer human and can be classified as monsters, and the bosses were all creatures of some sort, so the censors let it slide grudgingly apparently. All the old fighting games had green blood, but they had been loosening up on that one, which is why people were so surprised by Dying Light having green blood. The Evil Within also has green blood in the options menu, but it's up to the player to turn it on. They lack consistency and some things slip through of course, same as any country.

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