Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 24/08/15
  • IA/VT Colorful -
    Sorry for the spammed newsfeed.
    This game seems to want to post every little detail as to what I complete.
    Providing the song I played, to the score and ranking of the song, to the difficulty that I chose. It's ridiculous.
    This game is more of a grind than The project diva series...
    Just finished beating challenge mode on both normal and hard. Moving on to Easy mode now to get the remaining unlockables. Two missions left...
    A bit disappointed that a lot of the trophies on this game are Bronze.
    Still got a long way to go.

    Tales of Hearts R -
    Taking my time and enjoying this one.
    About 10 hours in, enjoying the skits, and probably half way through with the game. The difficulty is starting to rise and the battles are getting more intense. Obtained the Anger shard for Kohakus Spiria core, so I should be nearing the games end.

    Beyond two Souls -
    Decided to go back to this and try to view the different endings (as well as try to platinum). Going for the Saving all characters ending, so let's see how this goes.
    Just finished the chapter where Jodie wakes up to an abandoned burning building, having to rescue Elissa and the other homeless men.

  • Sunny you gotta play ZAT with others and with the difficulty up a few notches. It's a lot like Left 4 Dead, a pretty straightforward run between safe rooms that is pretty boring solo but gets better with additional people.

    I played:

    Bloodborne - Still going through with Epke. We killed Rom the Spider most recently.

    Dark Souls 2 - Just dicking about with it.

    LEGO Jurassic World - Doing all the side stuff and collecting dinosaurs.

    Tales of Monkey Island - Never finished it so gone back to episode 1 to rerun through it all since I've forgotten most of it. I also have a big backlog of Telltale adventures collecting on my HDD so I figure I should start going through them.

    Helldivers - Shot some bugs.

  • Will do, Flibble. I did like how they had an equal set of male and female choices. I appreciate these options.
  • @Littleg backwards comparability alone means nothing to me. Publishers theowing games at me for buying a game I already would has made me think more of my Xbox one as maybe becoming my main console. It's not there yet but with fallout giving away the 360 games with a purchase and rainbow 6 the same. That's two games I would have gotten on the PS4 now being bought on the Xbox one.
  • Ha got lucky with the hunter in the cathedral, he glitched into a statue and i could slowly wear him down, could not pick up the item, but going back to the hub and returning, it was luckily next to the lantern.

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