Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 17/08/15
  • Dog killer!

    I hunted down Deathstroke in Batman AK. Kind of enjoyed the grindiness of map cleaning.
  • Dark Souls 2 - Going through all the DLC again with another character. Doing everything solo, hammer only, no magic. I want DS3.

    Bloodborne - Helped Epke get through a few bosses. Also watched him fall off a bridge, get blown up, and have his face eaten off. Good times.

    LEGO Jurassic Park - Finished all the story missions. Pretty good entry for the series. I still think I like Marvel and Batman more though.

    Pure Chess - Trying to get through the tournaments but getting a bit pissed off. You have to win 4 games in a row for each tournament but you have to win by getting checkmate, if you draw (box the AI in so he can't make a move) the tournament ends in failure.

    Tomb Raider (PS4)- Got to level 60 and just need to mop up a few online trophies now to plat it. But since there's nobody playing this anymore I will probably have to find a boosting group or give up.
  • Flibmeister has the tomb raider PS4 and PS3 different servers? otherwise i could use me PS3 character
  • Pretty sure they are different servers Epke.
  • Giving my vita some love this week.

    IA/VT Colorful - seriously this game is jam packed with songs. And the mission mode is posing to be rather difficult. The platinum is one hell of a grind, having to beat all 60 songs on easy/normal/hard....
    Loving the game though. Hate that I can't access the DLC since it requires access to the Japanese store. And I don't want to be resetting my vita back and forth from switching psn accounts.
    Might just buy another vita console just for my Japanese imports.

    Binding of Isaac -
    This games platinum is ridiculous.... The game is entertaining, but seriously... Beating the game with "The Lost" character and not getting hit once? I call bs.
    Just got ending number 11.

    Tales of Hearts R -
    Most straight forward Tales of game yet.
    Very linear and simple.
    It's a bit of a relief to play something like this, since I still wanted my RPG fix. Just didn't want to invest the 70+ hours

    Sound shapes -
    Revisited so I can get the remaining 25 silver trophies from the DLC packs. 20 down, 5 more to go.

    Buddy challenged me to reach level 19 on PSN by Sep20, so I'm in trophy hunt Beast Mode.

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