Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 10/08/15
  • Finally chugged through the end of the story with Batman AK. Great story for a video game but many of the final missions just turned into chores. No new mechanics, just piles and piles of enemies. The 60 tank battle was just stupid. Mixed feelings.
  • More FFXIV for me-
    Finally reached:
    lvl 40 Black Mage, Lvl 30 Botanist, Lvl 15 archer, Lvl 10 Weaver, and Lvl 15 Conjurer. Almost through with the story, and hopefully will be getting the heavensward content soon.

    Bomberman Hero-
    Found myself a classic controller at GameStop, and felt like revisiting some classics on the 64 I have yet to play.
    Found bomberman hero on the virtual console, and it's a lot easier than I remember.
    Completed the first world with all perfect scores.
  • Dark Souls 2 - Made a new character and went through it again.

    Witcher 3 - Made a little progress, still not that gripped. Met some random dude and played Gwent with him, and got massacred by his deck of much more powerful cards.

    Helldivers - Did some boss fights.

    Tomb Raider - Played some online.

    LEGO Jurassic World - Did the first few missions. Looking pretty good so far.
  • IIRC, handegg's official rulebook is longer than football/soccer, basektball, and hockey combined.
  • I played a few more missions today Manio, I agree, it's one of the better LEGO games so far.

    I forgot to add I played

    Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris - It's free on PS+ this month so I played through it. It was pretty short, and not much challenge. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't go back for a 2nd playthru and doing all the challenges for the last trophy can take a hike, especially with no platinum for the effort.
  • Playing, Castle storm, drago0nquest (ps4), the walking dead, Sound shapes, Warframe, limbo, warthunder and Skyrim, Was enjoying Skyrim until, suddenly the enemies ranked immensely, and the mission with delphine where you have to kill the just resurrected dragon in a space with not much to hide behind, and the glitchy engine, try to jump on an inclined rock surface, get stuck flames that go through rocks, another game that goes back into the closet.
  • Epke why did you waste your time playing Skyrim? I offered to help you through Bloodborne.
  • Yeah sorry, tonight i will try it not sure if i have that thing to call you into my game yet, where do you get it?
  • If you've met a boss and returned to the hub you will get the beckoning bell, then you can summon people into your game.
  • So i have to kill a boss first?
  • No just encounter it. You still get a point of insight even if you die and when you get your first insight point you will get the bell.
  • OK i will try got killed by werewolves the last time i tried to reach it.

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