Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 03/08/15
  • Noobied by 18drawt
  • Got my cardiologist appointment today. Here's hoping I can get some sort of diagnosis.

    FFXIV A Realm Reborn: this is all I play nowadays.
    Got my botanist from level 18 to 28.
    Black Mage from 30 to 32.
    Harvesting some materials with my botanist, that way I can move on to weaver with some High Quality materials to give me that exp boost. Love the crafting system in this game. A bit of a grind but, I don't mind doing the item logging/harvesting. Though it can be a bit monotonous.

    I'm getting a bit burnt out with Black Mage, so I might switch classes soon. Might continue with a healer. My Free Company (Guild), is always seeking healers and I suppose I could help the FC if I were to have a healer class.
  • Bloodborne - I'm now on NG+ to infinity. I've lost track now.

    Dark Souls 2 - Did a little co-op.
  • Noobied by 18drawt

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