Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 20/07/15
  • Had lots of time to game since I've been on leave of absence from work.
    Was rushed to the hospital for some heart complications and got a cardiogram set for August 3rd. Here's hoping things turn out ok

    Final Fantasy XIV RR: finally got my Thaumaturge to level 28. Haven't decided which route I want to go with first. Either white Mage or Black Mage. Love that you can switch jobs at will, makes the game a lot more interesting. And gives you a taste of all the classes/jobs without having to make new characters. Did a few dungeon raids with my free company, but for the most part, all I did was story quest and do fates for some GC seals.

    Rocket League: had some friends come over to play the game and we had a blast. Great party game.

    Castle Crashers PC: Jumped into castle Crashers again on PC. Half way done with the game.
  • Helldivers - Finally cranked out 100K kills and platted this bad boy. I hope there's more DLC coming.

    Murdered Soul Suspect - It's interesting, but not much of a game. You just run about talking to people and examining things, then putting the pieces together to make progress. It's also a massive collect-a-thon. There's shit to pick up all over the place.

    War Thunder - Meh. I didn't play much, but played enough to know this isn't for me. Boring.

    Saint's Row 2 - I bought it on PSN for $5 and played a little bit. I loved this game back in the day when I had it on 360.
  • Mainly Rocket League. I try and at least play 2 or 3 games a day. I can feel myself getting better at the game but I don't think I will ever be the aerial threat I want to be.

    @SpaceOfSoul, hope everything goes okay dude. As for the multiplayer. Was that on one ps4 split screen? Me and a mate are thinking about setting 2 PlayStation 4's up for some 3 on 3 action if it's actually possible to play 3 on one TV.
  • @Littleg things seem to be ok for the most part. The current discomfort I feel, is if I were to have pulled a nerve.
    You know when you sleep awkwardly and wake up with a crink in your neck?
    That exact discomfort but on my left chest.

    @nutta27 Thanks. We all played on one screen 2 vs 2 on PC. It is possible to play with up to 4 players (local), we haven't tried a two console setup.

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