Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 06/07/15
  • I had so much fun with Skyrim. It has the explorey thing down. Then the crafting got totally OCD. Not the most challenging game and those faces are wooden. Best game for wandering and building your dolly just the way you like. Red Dead is a good game as well, but gruff cowboy land was more samey with less to discover. Story is better told but is trope trope trope to the end. Red Dead is more cinematic but I loved Skyrim to bits. Cannot wait for Fallout 4. You must have played some Bethesda and Rockstar. These games are pinnacles of their studios. If you are a GTA guy, Red Dead; Scrolls or Fallout, then Skyrim.
  • Stop posting and start playing, Egg
  • Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn:
    Finally got myself a good gaming PC, and since I've gone back to FFXIV, I haven't been able to stop.
    I realized why I stopped playing MMOs, and that's because they took so much of my time.
    I've already put almost 40 hours in 3 days..

    Super meat boy:
    Ridiculously hard....

    Djmax Trilogy:
    Found my CDs and found out the online servers are back up! Glad that my level 99 profile hasn't been erased.
    I can start playing with some online folks and get my ass wrecked by Korean rhythm gamers...

    Pretty much it. FFXIV pretty much has a hold of my life right now

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