Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 29/06/15
  • You can read all about what's been eating up my gaming time over at the 101 thread... Put it this way, Xbox memory management and customer support chasing don't have much by way of replayability.

    Outside of that, our pending house move to the lovely Surrey town of Dorking (which may be lovely but also has a stupid name) is looming large in my mind and eats up all potential opportunities to relax with gamepad in hand. So, not much to report but as I couldn't guarantee a working internet connection once we got into the new place, I figured I better post the WiG early.

    So get posting, chums. Maybe you too are looking to fill the void left by being unable run away from a fictional xenomorph?
  • Ouch, seems you got a lot on your plate @Littleg . Hope your move goes smoothly.

    Haven't really played much, popped in Tales of Symphonia.
    Played only for about 30 minutes before I was struck with fatigue. Been working too much.

    Donkey kong tropical freeze:
    Got through the first 2 levels and put the game down. No matter how much I try, this game just doesn't seem fun.
    Still going to push through and try to beat it.

    Buying one of my coworkers gaming desktop, and hoping to get back into PC gaming again. Though I won't be getting it til Wednesday, so a couple more days.
  • Mass Effect - Platted it after buying it years ago and never touching it. It seemed to run better than on 360 in some places, and worse in others. There were some horrible glitch moments in the Mako.

    LEGO Batman 3 - Playing through the free play modes doing side quests and stuff.

    Helldivers - The war finally ended so now the Illuminate have respawned. I played a few missions and will try for the cape this week.
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  • @tallchick I've not got round to playing Storm Island yet but by the looks of it, it seems like mostly off road stuff. So if you're into off road races then it might be worth looking at. Also the weather effects looks more intense compared to the base game so handling might be more difficult. Although this is all a guess.
  • @tallchick, the secret to surviving was podcasts. I would put the volume down on the TV and listen to a podcast or something on YouTube instead. I already knew all the dialogue options and the fastest ways to get things done from playing the game years ago, so I just blasted through most areas on autopilot and focused my brain on the podcasts. The elevators or long ass Mako drives didn't feel so long when I had something to focus my attention on. It's still a good game, performance issues aside, and I still think its the best in the series. I'm interested to see where they try to go with ME4 though.
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  • Skyrim is Omazin.

    I just put Hearthstone on my Note 4. Goodbye everybody, I might as well have started smoking crack.
  • Played Her Story this week. This is probably going to be my GOTY. No difference in what platform you play it on. It's a goddamn masterpiece.

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