Top 5 Asshole Arcades
  • Maybe I was a bit more fortunate.
    I used to frequent the arcade a lot at my mall in Chicago as a kid (The Harlem Irving Plaza aka The Hip), and the arcade staff would give me free tokens.

    Now, when I moved to Austin, things were different, cab prices were always absurd since the games I played were rhythm games. And now that I had to watch my money, I couldn't frequent and get to know the staff like I used to in Chicago
    Games such as DDR, Pump It Up, In The Groove, Taiko Drum Master, Percussion Master and para para paradise.
    And all of these are ridiculously priced.
    Each of these would require at least $1.00 to play these games, and if you've ever played a rhythm game, you know that you only ever get to play 3 songs.
    And guess what? Fail the first song? Tough shit, it's game over and you're S.O.L on the remaining two songs.

    So growing up in the Rhythm arcade gaming community, I've become accustomed to the prices of these arcade cabs.

    DjMax Technika alone took around $400 in my senior year of high school.
    Beatmania IIDX around $100-$200

    And I can't even recall how much I've spent on the other cabs.
    These games are all trial and error, but it was always satisfying when I would get better and better at a song.
    I kept popping in quarters til I beat the song.
    And with Beatmania IIDXs difficulty and learning curve, you best be ready to spend some money.

    I wouldn't really call these games "assholes", because the difficulty of these games were fair. If I failed, it was because I wasn't good enough. These games don't hold your hand, and that's why I love rhythm games.

    Hell, just take a look what hard looks like

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