Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 15/06/15
  • Platted Lego Batman 2.

    Played some Helldivers. Waiting for the war to finish so the Illuminate respawn. Then I can get the last cape.

    Playing through Mass Effect 1 again on PS3. Glitched and become one with the floor like in Terminator 2 and had to go back an hour or so to a previous save.
  • I played a bit of Cloudberry Super Meat Kingdom too. Not for me.

    I bought Onee Z2 a while back but never played it. I still haven't played No no no on PS3 yet!

    Also forgot to write Dark Souls 2. Made another character which will be hand to hand combat only. No bows, no magic, pyro, or miracles, and no thrown items.

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