NooBTooB 101 2015: Suggestions
  • Mega Man X is a good suggestion. :) Sh'mups are pretty obscure, but whatever is popular with the forum is worth a go. I hear Silent Hill 2 is the best one, so I'd go with that one if SH is going to be picked. I heard the HD collection wasn't great though, has it been fixed?

    I know nothing about Contra, so you'll have to flesh out that suggestion!
  • Tough one, some great games in there that I've played, mostly just scratching the surface. Would love to replay the telltale games and discuss what choices everyone makes. Sleeping dogs would be awesome. Bastion wasn't my cup of tea. New Vegas was epic. The rest iv not played.
  • With the exception of Fallout 4 I'm good with any of these. The games on the list I beat on PS3 I can play again on PS4 so I don't mind doing them again.
  • I've never played alien, so I'm willing to pick that up. Was kind of waiting til October to buy it since it might hit the PSN with some sort of Halloween Special sale.
    Been wanting to dive into a horror game since I'm all RPG'ed out.

    Bastion was ok, never beat it but didn't really fancy it.

    And as far as classics, I think that's a great idea. The games are fairly cheap now on the digital stores, and I'm curious to try out some castlevania games. Only castlevania game I've played was castlevania 64... And that was just a mess.

    Silent hill HD .... I had to return this game.
    It's so buggy, and they never released a patch to fix these issues. A patch was promised and never was fulfilled.
    I was about 4 hours in the first one and it glitched out on me. The whole city was just fog and I was able to walk through buildings and off the map.
    Sad because this was my first experience with the silent hill games.

  • Even post-patch the Silent Hill remakes were pretty awful. I think they gave it to a bunch of interns to work on. Interns who also happened to be batshit insane shit-flinging monkeys. I heard the excuse about Konami somehow losing the source code of the games and having to go back to earlier builds and that being why the HD remakes turned out so badly, which even if it's true, reeks of professionalism as only Konami can do. If you can get the original PS2 releases, treasure them. Silent Hill is dead and it ain't coming back.
  • Hmm, interesting. I'm leaning towards Alien for June. Would everyone be down for that?
  • I'm down. I'll pick it sometime next week if it's all set in stone
  • Sounds good. The DLC is on sale on PSN at the moment too I think for those interested.
  • I have alien sat on my shelf barely touched.
  • Alien it is then. :) The thread for it will go live on the 1st of June, so don't start until then!
  • Currently on sale on 360, I think, in case you're a change-resistant caveman like me...
  • Will you be joining us Littleg? I think Alien runs well enough on the 360, so it should be ok!
  • As I peek into my crystal ball....

    Everyone: Hey, lets all play Alien Isolation as a community! *tee hee*
    Everyone: Yay!

    1 month later...

    Everyone: Sorry guys, I couldn't pull myself away from Witcher 3, but next month for sure!

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