The Witcher: Wild Hunt (PC/XB1/PS4)
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  • Well, if you go in swinging without preparing specifically for the fight, you are more likely to die. However, the Bestiary is there for this exact purpose, as it tells you the weaknesses of the monsters.

    There are several difficulty levels as well, to accommodate. I would say that this combat is definitely a step up from Skyrim's or Dragon Age's. There is no level scaling as well, so if you're level 3 fighting a level 10, you're gonna have a tough time. But you can still beat it if you're good enough. Jesse Cox's videos in my OP give a good idea of the combat.
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  • Hey you're welcome man. ;) I posted a ton of videos, but AngryJoe's does a good deal showing prepared vs unprepared, and the Q&A video goes into it a bit as well. Of course, there is no harm in waiting. I wouldn't be surprised if this Witcher is easier to get into overall.

    And yes, just after I posted the thread, the reviews came out! A 10/10 from GameSpot, and a reaaaally long(yes) review from Kotaku is all I've seen so far. Hype hype hyyyyype!
  • I'll be picking it up but I will wait until I can grab the import copy. The Japanese version will no doubt have all the juicy nudity cut from it.

    It looks a lot like Dragon Age Inquisition, only minus the annoying party management, better combat, and no steamy dwarf LGBT sex. I'm in. Besides, there's very little else on the horizon.
  • There's sex on a unicorn though!
  • Sex on a unicorn I can deal with. If this game had been made by Bioware the sex would have been WITH the unicorn. A gay unicorn, that wears a "This is what a feminist looks like" T-shirt.
  • Dayum. That would be a quite a side charact-- Neigh! The main character of a porn game!
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  • Haha, it's nice to be appreciated. Thanks @8drawt! :) Time permitting, I like to give the games that are worth it their due attention. This has potential GOTY written all over it!

    Here's another great review as well:
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  • So the hype for me. I bought wit her 1 on a steam sale never played it. 2 ran like shit on ati cards if I remember so I gave up on that.

    I have just preordered this on ps4 I hope to god I don't need to know back story an life to get me going.
  • @nutta27 Not at all. :) The game is made to accommodate new players! I have W1 & W2 on PC as well but they run terribly too.
  • Holy shit, this game is retailing for close to $90 here. The import version a tad more. That's some major hype and moron tax going on! Guess I won't be playing day 1.
  • My copy is downloaded and waiting on my PS4 just over 12 hours left. I'll probably make a start later tonight but I have work tomorrow so won't play much.

    Edit. I did the tutorial. Got to some inn and turned it off. I have been reading up Witcher lore today so I know a bit more about the world and the characters.
  • The frame rate drops are at weird times too they seem to be during cutscenes mainly. The cutscenes are fmv though which is odd.

    I have heard they are hiding the loads in the cutscenes though that may be a reason for framey videos.

    I took out probably one of the first big missions in the game taking out a griffin which was fairly simple.

    The game seems easy to me at the moment. Having not played a Witcher game I set it to the default difficulty so I could focus on all the shit they are throwing at me. Trust me it's a lot. Then when I become more verses with the game I'll knock it up. You can do that on the fly which is nice.
  • Jim Fucking Sterling Son gave it an 8.5 for some technical issues. The big world full of side missions that aren't just obscenely boring fetch quests sounds appealing, but I still ain't gonna drop $90 on it. I'm glad this game has come to console, and I hope Bioware is paying attention. You can still make a great RPG without pandering to all the LGBT dwarves in the world and cramming it to the brim with your politics.

  • I was thinking of buying this at launch 90$ no sankyuu, i am enjoying my free to play Warframe and Warthunder too much :P
  • Jerom, unfortunately my PC does not have the same specs as Skynet so I avoid playing it on it where possible. I'll wait for the import price to drop a bit before I grab it on PS4.

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