What are you reading?
  • I'm currently reading a sci-fi book called "Dragon's Egg" by Robert L. Forward. It's pretty hardcore. The Wiki page says it's like a physics and neutron star textbook disguised as a novel and I have to agree. The science in the book is true science fiction, not science fantasy, but the presentation isn't dry and actually a good read in addition to being educational.

    If you're into space nerd stuff you should check it out.

  • I'll give it a go @Dr Flibble , going to try and stop by Barnes and noble sometime tomorrow morning before work.
    Been meaning to buy a new book, just didn't know what. Looking forward to reading it.
  • Dragon's Egg has a great premise. I am trying get excited about Gibson's latest, The Peripheral, but it is not grabbing me. Charles Stross has been my go to guy lately. The Laundry series is just a great time, and Accelerandro is wondeous and terrifying. Vernor Vinge is my number one scifi guy all time. Fire Upon the Deep and Deepness in the Sky both made my head explode.
  • I do not think you can judge a book you have not read. It takes a while to get into space and for the AI to ramp up. Scifi authors are notorious for writing out their sexual fantasies. You will be happy to know Heinlein was married to a little red head. Why do you think so many of his guys ended up with litle red heads? At least the man lived his dream.

    The Atrocity Archives starts out quick and gets where it is going. That might be a better intro to Stross. If you do not like Cthulhu meets The Office, maybe you do not like fun.

    In terms of feminist scifi, David Brin has a penis, but he did write Glory Season, which is a grown up imagining of a sustainable matriarchy.
  • The fact Heinlein wrote Stranger in a Strange Land ( my never to be written autobiography will be Strange in Stranger Land ) and Starship Troopers is stunning. You can like him or not, he remains an asimovian god. PKD is an odd duck. Limitless talent, but no discipline, thanks in large part to addiction. Nobody will ever get as many first drafts published as PDK. Idea after idea, rarely polished or refined. My favorite old school guy is Alfred Bester. Bester from Babylon 5 is named for him, as a homage to The Demolished Man. He also did comics. The Green Lantern oath? Alfred Bester wrote it. The Star is my Destination is a great book.
  • @laphamking
    I don't know if I'd say it's aimed at an older demographic, I'd say they're aimed about the same. The main characters are about the same age, the subject material is about as serious, if not a little more childish.

    I haven't read much of Y, I got through volume 1 and I've got 2 sat on my shelf, but so far id say I like Saga better. If you haven't read any of that, it's another Brian K Vaughan series that's mindblowing
  • Finished up Dragon's Egg which I thoroughly enjoyed. I might even grab the sequel.

    Now reading Deadland Rising by Rachael Aukes, which is the 3rd book in a series that was advertised as being a re-imagining of Dante's Inferno told as a woman's survival of a zombie holocaust. What it really is is run of the mill zombie trash fiction. It's The Walking Dead for people with low standards and without access to TVs.

  • Started reading Laurell K Hammilton's Anita Blake novels again the first books are quite good but the later ones become more and more pornographic, i don't have a problem with that but it is supposed to be a horror series and the last few books i read she was humping every new vampire she met.
  • Deadland Rising was an eye-rolling hodge podge of cliche, fairly generic shite.

    Next up I might read "Er ist wieder da" ("Look who's back" in English) which is a German novel about Hitler returning to modern society and how he'd react to it.

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