NooBTooB 101 2014: July (Dishonored)
  • I own the standard. I think the bulk of the discussion will be about the main game but I don't see why playing the dlc would hurt.

    I didn't like the game too much when I played last time but I remember rushing it for some dumb game of the year reason. I suppose I could give it another shot and take my time.

    Oh I also tweeted this out. Hope it brings people in.
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  • Nah, start whenever you like! I have. :P I'm going into this pretty much 100% blind as well. Just played it there for about 30 minutes, really good opening. Finding it difficult to play stealthily, but then again I've always been terrible at stealth!

    Glad you liked the pictures, figured I'd try to inject some humour into the OP. :)
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  • I am playing Wolfenstein as well at the moment and the way the game feels really reminds me of that. From what I remember I spammed the jump power for most of the game last time I played it so I might go for more variance in the powers this time around.
  • My laptop can't even run Gone Home at 60 FPS so I've no chance at running Dishonoured well!
  • The fighting is a party and attack system. Time your parry with the enemies attack and they will be left vulnerable for an attack. I'm playing on hard too this time around.
  • Guys Dishonoured is currently £2.50 in the steam summer sale. What other reason do you need to pick it up and join in. Its fucking less money than my lunch cost yesterday and you will have a month of "fun" and conversations.
  • I've already played this through so I won't join in this month, it's not quite as great as it's made out to be. Still, for €3,79 you're getting a very enjoyable action game with great stealth mechanics let down only by what I saw as a rather thin main story. :)
  • Started a new game because I'd forgotten everything. I'm in the 2nd main mission now, the one where you have to get into the brothel, and I'm not playing stealthily at all. I'm walking death, slaughtering anyone I come across, civilian or otherwise. It amuses me that people still want me to help them even after I've just brutally murdered all their friends.

    Initial impressions are I kind of like the game, the gameplay is pretty fun but I don't know if I'd enjoy playing stealthy. I'm also not much of a fan of the maps, with lots of loading screens being thrust in my face.
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