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  • While I am all hands on deck for this, your reasoning and choice of console kind of limits/filters out some gamers in this community.

    As you said so yourself, most of those who participated in the poll have said they will purchase a ps4 in the future. I've said I was going to platinum most if my games by the end of 2013, and that didn't happen lol.

    What I'm saying is, why not stick to what we currently have (ps3 & xbox 360), and hopefully if the community is still around in the future to come, and the consoles are in the gamers possession, we can carry over to the next gen.

    By all means if the game that the host chooses happens to be in the said console, whether it be xbox one or ps4, the event should be had. Always nice to have gamers connect.
    But if you want more of us to participate, selecting a console that most of us already have would be your best bet of having more players attend the event.
  • The problem with this idea is not the console, it's the fact there are only about a dozen regular posters and they're all scattered around the globe. Even when NoobToob was in its heyday I rarely could join any events like these because it would usually involve getting up at 3 or 4 am and yeah, fuck that.

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