NooBTooB 101 2014: Suggestions for June, July and August
  • I never got around to finishing Dishonored or Remember Me, so I vote either of those. But good list man! All nice choices.
  • I just started Tomb Raider a couple days ago, so that would be the perfect choice for me. I've also had DMC since January and have yet to crack that game open. Either of those work for me.
  • I would be up for XCOM considering I have it saved onto my hard drive.
  • I wouldn't mind Tomb Raider I am already pretty far on in that on the Xbox one and have already finished it on the PC.

    I have wanted to play DmC again but I think now is maybe a little too soon.

    I own Catherine on PlayStation Plus so yeah let's give it a shot.

    I think Dragons Dogma may be a Plus joint too so sure.

    Dishonoured. Fuck no. Finished it didn't like it.

    I have just cleaned out all the shit that was clogging up my graphics card so it would be cool to see if Far Cry 3 runs any better now. I finished it before on like 30 fps 720p medium settings.

    I just bought Rayman Legends on the Wii U and need an excuse to turn that piece of shit on.

    Resonence of Fate don't own. Don't plan on owning. Is it any good?

    Vanquish I actually didn't like it. I know every other fucker seemed to.

    Xcom. Finished the game loved it but don't wanna go through that again.

    So yes to every thing but Vanquish, Resonence of Fate, Xcom or Dishonoured.

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  • Tomb raider/DmC/remember me/Xcom and dragons dogma are all games I have yet to finish. So those get my vote.

    Also, I've got resonance of fate... That game is hard as hell. Also the tutorial alone took me about 1 hour to just get a grip of the basics. The gameplay has a steep learning curve. It threw me off, so it's been collecting dust ever since.

    As for games not on the list

    El Shaddai
    Lollipop chainsaw
    Metal gear rising
    Tokyo jungle
    Rainbow moon
    Child of light

    ( ps2 classics)
    Fatal frame 1/2/3
    Shin megami tensei nocturne
    Shin megami tensei digital devil saga

  • Tomb raider i planned on getting. So thats my vote.
    i may join if cathrine or remember me get picked.
  • I've only played about two hours of nocturne, then my ps2 gave out :(...

    Ah and sorry! I provided the said choice of games because of the poll I recently read here. 100% had access to ps3. But I guess I didn't take into consideration of newer folks or those who didn't take part in the poll :(
  • List of Definate No's for me.

    Deadly Premononition
    Resonence of Fate
    (Do not own or plan on buying)
    Darkness 2
    Red Dead Redemption
    (Finished the Game would not wish to re visit so soon)
    Dragons Dogma
    (Just plain didn't like)

    Games in which I would join in on the fun.

    (Own but never played)
    (Started but never finished)
    Far Cry 3
    Tomb Raider
    (Finished but loved and would play again)

    So that's my list and my views on the game. Its a shame remember me didn't gel with me. Oh well I'm sure I can join one of these soon.

  • I've still got Tomb Raider and DMC waiting for me; so either of those will be fine. I also have Dishonored, and while not super interested in that one, I would play and join the discussion if it was chosen.
  • Oh and by the way fear is first encounter assault recon.

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