Old games that you still play?
  • I was thinking about this yesterday as I was looking for something to play..I didn't much feel like playing dragon quest or anything so I looked through my old gamecube games and found skies of arcadia legends, best game i'v ever played in my life and couldnt belive I forgot about it, so i'm playing it for like the 50th time O.o

    Anyone else have like old games they still play?
  • Heh, funny you should ask. I've been playing alot of old games lately.

    Though I guess you'd kind of need a filter of what's "old." I'd assume that you would be refering the NES to SNES era... if so, I've actually just recently finished playing the original Zeda and am currently on the second quest. Played Ninja Turtles 4 recently too. Also, me and a friend are playing Final Fantasy 5 co-op, which is actually really really fun. Unfortunately FF4, 5, and 6 are the only real co-op FFs to date (I mean, I wonder why they took out the fucntion after 6... I would have liked to see it in every FF afterwards).

    I broke down and played Kickle Cubicle for the first time a few weeks ago... I'm pretty sure I don't have to say why. *sideways glaces at Tobin* Anyway, then there's Chrono Trigger. I'll play that pretty much any day. But if you also include PS one as "old games" I've played Legend of Legaia, Legend of Dragoon, and Dino Crisis 2 recently.
  • ah yea, PS1, I still play FF7,8,9 on that console. I never played chrono trigger but I heared that its an amazing game.
  • Do old PC games count? I still find myself playing Pharaoh and Star Wars Galactic Battleground.
  • Gamecube and below count my freind XD (twilight princess doesnt count tho)
  • Well since you asked, I just started playing Daiblo II again, since rumours of Diablo III seem to emerge everytime I move my head (my review)

    I have also been playing DOOM a lot just because this laptop doesn't handle that much and DOOM is still a very good game, still need to configure it with my xbox 360 controller though.

    I also have a habit of taking Emulators with me on vacation playing, Mario Bros Allstars, Castlevania and Ghouls and Goblins for the SNES and Castlevania: SOTN and Street Fighter Alpha 2 for the PS1 all very enjoyable.
  • Speaking of castlevania, I hear alot about that game too but yet its another game I have yet to play.
  • Xorital said:
    Speaking of castlevania, I hear alot about that game too but yet its another game I have yet to play.

    Yes Castlevana games are very enjoyable there action adventure games that started life on the NES, first with Castlevania which is a very good games, followed by Castlevania 2, which was a bit free roaming but very hard and bad. Last game on the NES was Castlevania 3 which was a back to basics and was also enjoyable.

    Then Castlevania returned on the SNES with it's best old school title Castlevania IV, which still was the basic game but with many improvements like pointing your wip and better graphics.

    Some unreleased in the US games followed, but finally Castlevania came with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the PS1, this game combined the old school Castlevania gameplay with RPG elements, this is the big succes Castlevania had and still is sailed on by titles on the Nintendo DS.

    Recently besides the DS titles there was also a release for the PSP which was a remake of Rondo of Blood which was never released in the US, this game was also going back to the old school gamestyle but had Castlevania: Sotn as bonus game in it.

    For all the early games you could get an emulator and roms to play them (I can't link them, use google)
    Castlevania SOTN can also be found on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Store and the recent portable games aren't hard to find

    Hope that helped getting you in to the world of Castlevania ;)
  • Emulators are one of my favorite things about PC's. In that sense, I've been playing a lot of Sonic, Mario, Castlevania and, until my DualShock controller died on me, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. As far as older PC games go, Duke Nukem, Doom, Shadow Warrior, GTA3, Halo CE and various Command & Conquer games. I wanna dig out Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds again, but I can't find my CD's ;-;
    Maybe I'll torrent it and use my CD key...
  • Xenogears.

    Great game. Amazing story. Great Visuals. Decent Gameplay. Terrible sequels. Xenosaga is so bad. Would have liked if they completed the original universe, but the behemoth that is FFVII consumed all focus.

    Still waiting for Episodes 1-4 and 6 :(
  • super mario bros. 3 (VC)
    Legend of Zelda OoT
    tetris attack
    Dr. Mario
  • Oh yes I play some old games on my Mobile phone I forgot, Tetris and Mr. Driller, Tetris being the better one though =D
  • I still play the old Point and Click games ALLOT on my Mac thanks to SCUMM, what a wonderful program that is,

    Sam and Max,
    Monkey Island 1 and 2
    Day Of The Tentacle
    Indiana Jones

    I never get bored of them.... I can't seem to get Grim Fandango to work tho, I really wanna play that game again...SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!

    I also play Super Mario Bros on the gameboy... helps me sleep!!ahaha
  • I play a few games on the virtual console for my Wii. Games like Punchout, super mario bros. 3, and simcity are always a lot of fun.
  • I own an N64 that's LOADED with uber awesome games. I still play my copies of GoldenEye 007 and Super Mario 64.
  • Well, I don't know if this counts or not but, thanks to MAME I've been playing Metal slug II and Marvel VS Capcom.
  • I got a bunch of emulators on my PSP that I've started using and I just started chrono trigger today and so far its living up to the legend. I also play the PS1 final fantasies along with Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask on ocassion. I'll also probably be replaying Kingdom Hearts until the day I die.
  • By old games and old systems im going to assume its safe to say most things PS1 and back

    So games i still play

    FFVII (PS1)
    Ace Combat 3 (PS1)
    Destruction Derby 2 (PS1)

    Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time (N64)

    There are a number more i still own but those are the one i played most in this day and age
    although saying that im proberbly going back onto classic gaming alot more latley for some reason my xbox isnt keeping me entertained anymore

    Dont wrorry im going to se my doctor about it soon :lol:
  • I forgot about the old final fantasy games, i'v been playing 7 since it came out (same with 8), 9 I started playing this year..I got kinda stuck late into the game so i'm taking a break from it.

    When Castlevania comes out for the PSP (I also belive theres a PS2 version) i'm going to give that series a try, i'm not really good when it comes to downloading games onto systems or emulators..i'm kinda retarded when it comes to that.

    Legend of Zelda OOT is also an amazing game, theres always something to figure out in the game due to the fact old games have glitches and other strange entertaining stuff. Plus if you have ever seen screenshots of the japanese OOT it looks alot more mysterious than the english version.

    Legend of Zelda Majuras Mask was entertaining, but the only reason I would want to play it would be to fight all the bosses as feirce deity link.

    Kingdom Hearts got KINDA dull after kingdom hearts 2 came out, buuut I still find myself playing it from time to time...

    I have like a library of hundreds of games XD
  • McMason said:
    I got a bunch of emulators on my PSP that I've started using and I just started chrono trigger today and so far its living up to the legend.

    Actually, my PSP will make Chrono Trigger lag a little bit. Either way you should still love the game. Have fun with it, for it is of awesome.

    Anyway, I know it isn't that old, but I started Bioshock yesterday to see if I can beat the game over before Tobin does. You know, to say I can beat a game even if Tobin is given like... a year's head start. ^_^
  • I hear alot about bioshock (expecily with the whole tobin needs to beat it thing) but what is the game exacly? i'v seen it on game shelfs but doesnt look like it could be very compelling, just what exacly is it?
  • It's a great game. Definately on the top 5 of my personal best FPS games. The last legs of the game really just make the entire game shine... not that it wasn't great as you were playing towards the end. The replay value really only works if you got the bad ending and wanted the good one. Or if you just wanted to try and get other Plasmids you didn't get last time... or other gun upgrades.

    But I like it for the story and how real the world feels in Rapture... you should totally give it a shot. And Tobin should beat it. ¬_¬
  • Hmmm...To understand it more I just might have to play it myself, but is it only for x-box? or is it for PS2 as well?
  • omg monster rancher 2 not matter how old that game is there is nothing even close they have monster rancher 3 and 4 but monster rancher 2 still kills it them both its like one of the best rpgs on the ps1 ever and its a rare game but this is what you do you get RANDOM cds like any cds like halo 3 cd put it in your pc and it gives you a monster and iv been playing this like 4 years and still have not beaten it
  • still play FFX/FFX-2 to this day. Also been replaying through Summoner 2. Also finished Kessen II for the third time yesterday
  • I don't know if Fable: TLC counts as an old game, but I found something interesting playing today. I didn't notice this before, but when I found it, I couldn't help but giggle.


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