NoobToobers Unite to edit the WIki
  • Come on people we need help in the wiki to make it look better and more professional for everyone.
    Editing the wiki might seem intimidating at first but its actually easy.

    Creating a Account:
    1. The first thing to do is create a wiki account to edit.
    2. To do that at the top of the page click the third button that says WIKI (It's between FORUM and IRC CHAT).
    3. After clicking that you'll be at the main noobtoob wiki page. At the top of this page it will display a little picture icon, your IP address, talk for this IP and then Log In/Create Account (Click this one).
    3. After clicking that link it will take you to the Log in/Create Account.
    4. Under where it says Log in it says Don't have a login? Create an Account (Click this). It will then take you to the last part of creating an Account.
    5. Choose a username (usually your forum name but doesn't have to be), your password, retype your password, Your E-Mail address, and your real Name, then hit create account.
    6. You will then receive an e-mail conformation that looks like this:

    Someone, probably you from IP address your IP address , has registered an account "your account" with this e-mail address on Noobtoob.

    To confirm that this account really does belong to you and activate e-mail features on Noobtoob, open this link in your browser:

    If this is *not* you, don't follow the link. This confirmation code will expire at 13:21, 22 February 2007.
    7. After activating your WIKI account you can now edit the wiki.

    Here are some guidelines and helpful tips to editing the wiki:

    1. Bold words
    To make Bold words all you have to do is put three ''' then your word or sentence then three more '''.
    Example: '''Yuzo and Tobin like Guitar Hero 2''' then the whole sentence will be bold

    2. Italicized words
    To make Italicized words all you have to do is put two '' then your word or sentence then two more ''.
    Example: ''Yuzo and Tobin host there own podcast'' then the whole sentence will be Italicized

    3. Internal Link
    An Internal Link is a link that is within the noobtoob wiki itself. If the page exists then the words will be blue and it the page doesn't exist the words will be red. To make an internal link you need to put two open bracket [[ in front of the thing you want to make an an internal link to and end it with the closing bracket ]].
    Example: [[Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot]] will make that a clickable link inside the WIKI under a page with that name.

    4. External Link
    An External Link is a link outside the noobtoob wiki. In order to make a link to another site you put one open bracket [ then the site address and then the word or sentence, followed by a closed bracket ].
    Example: If you want to go to put this: [ NoobToob's Website] The space and the words are to make a title for the link. It will be displayed as NoobToob's Website instead of

    5. Headlines
    A headline is a title that can keep track of what you are doing. On the wiki page it looks like this:
    1. Tobin
    2. Yuzo

    Tobin <---- This is bold<br />tobin with his jaw stabbing knife

    Yuzo <---- This is bold<br />yuzo with his mad Guitar Hero 2 skills

    Thats what it kinda looks like.
    Now for the fun part, how to do it.
    When you got a title you want to make a Headline, put two equal signs == in front of the word or phrase and then two == to end it.
    Example: == Tobin == will be displayed as
    1. Tobin

    Tobin <---- This is bold<br />You can make subtitle under that to. All you do is add another equal sign = in front and one at the end =.
    Example: == Tobin ==
    === Cool ===
    will be displayed as
    1. Tobin
    1.1 Cool

    Tobin <---- This is bold<br /> Cool <---- This is bold<br />
    It's kinda confusing at first but once you start doing it, it becomes easier and easier.

    6. Embedded Images
    To make an Embedded image, you first need to upload the image to the wiki. To do this, click the link that says Upload file (Make sure your logged in), upload the file, give it a descriptive name and a summary.
    After you uploaded the picture, to place it in the wiki type this two open brackets then Image:descriptive name.file type|descriptive name (not required) then two closed brackets ]]
    Example: Uploaded a picture called bob, gave it a summary and file name of bob. to embedded it, it should look kinda like this:

    7. Media File Link
    Media File Link is like Embedded Image but without the image. Use this if you want just a link to the image and not the image itself.
    Example: I will use bob again.
    Note: A little tip: |Bob makes the word Bob a clickable link without it, it will say Media:bob.jpg

    8. Mathematical Formula (LaTeX)
    This gets really complicated, goto for more info on it.

    9. Ignore Wiki Formatting
    This also gets complicated, goto for more info on it.

    10. Your Signature with Timestamp
    Basically it signs your name with the time you edit that part. To do this, all you have to do is put four ~~~~ after what you said and it puts your name and time you edited it.
    Example: I cannot get enough of NoobToob ~~~~ Will be displayed as:
    I cannot get enough of NoobToob Therealfirestarter 10:20, 8 April 2007 (PST))

    Anyone can make additions to this or change something if I left it out or messed it up. This is the basics of what you need to start editing the Wiki, Please start editing it with your reviews and info to make it the best gaming wiki ever.
    If you need any help please contact me by IMing me here or e-mail me at [email][/email]
    Anyways Cya

    P.S. Now get out there and edit that WIKI.

    P.S.S. Hope this helps all the newbs out there :lol:
  • I'll try to edit some stuff, but due to legal problems I may be strained for time. Excellent write up Fire, I feel I can do it now. Thanks.
  • I still dont get the perpusle of the WIKI it seems like a big progame 2 let everyone edit it around
  • BlackLableSkater said:
    I still dont get the perpusle of the WIKI it seems like a big progame 2 let everyone edit it around

    You probably shouldn't worry about the Wiki, and just concentrate on the forums for now :x
  • but realy whats it all about?
    at leadt give me that
  • It is basically like a online dictionary, where people can go and edit things and others can come and look at the information. With the NoobToob Wiki, It holds all the information for game, community and other things that people can go and read and find info on what ever they want about games. It also makes finding the information easier because you don't really need to ask people on the forum what is what, you can just look it up for yourself. Another thing with the Wiki is that you don't have to watch all the episodes just to find info about one game. I hope this answers some of the question about the importance of noobtoob wiki.
    Anyways Cya

    quahgg said:
    I'll try to edit some stuff, but due to legal problems I may be strained for time. Excellent write up Fire, I feel I can do it now. Thanks.

    I do my best to insure the survival of the NoobToob race. :lol:
  • Great write up RFS.. We should definitely get all this info up on the "Getting Started" wiki as well for posterity :).

    I'm still trying to wrack my brain on how to make the wiki more useful for you guys beyond just the community stuff like the NT Army and the Iron Gamer Challenges. We have a page for every game we review, and was trying to start encouraging others to add their own reviews -- not sure how successful that's been though.

    It'd be awesome if the wiki could eventually turn into something like metacritic or rotten tomatoes for games. Every new game that comes out could have a thumbs up and thumbs down from a bunch of noobtoobers and then we could get a nice percentage "fresh" number.

    We'd need a lot more activity per game to get something like that going though.

  • Have a look at the nintendo catogorie in the wiki, i've added a few games, i'll add the games first then write reviews and about the game, but if you guys wanna help i wont stop you :D

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