Moltile Reviews Castlevania 1, Scrabulous and Arcade Week 20
  • Well hey guys this is my first video this week on Friday the 28th March 2008 i am reviewing 3 games Castlevania 1for the NES, Scrabulous which is on the internet and the NoobToob Arcade Week 20 which is Punch Out.

    please comment on what you think of it

    Direct Link :-
    BTW sorry its on megavideo but i tried to put it on youtube mutiple times and they were being asses

    Timings (if you want them)
    Intro - 00.00
    Scrabulous - 00.35
    Punch Out - 08.50
    Castlevania 1 - 12.10
    Outro - 18.25
    Credits :P - 19.20

    Links To The Games (apart from Castlevania you naughty people)
    Scrabulous (need java)-
    NoobToob Arcade Week 20 Punch Out -

    (btw i havn't put a link for the forums because of the new server for noobtoob i might edit once we have moved but you can find it in the Tournaments And Contests Thread)
  • It was pretty good, but it's a shame that the clips weren't split up because if you didn't want to hear about Scrabulous, you have to click forward then the darn video takes an age to actually buffer. Maybe it's my connection or something. As you said on the video it was a bit laggy with Punch Out and Castlevania, Punch Out wasn't that laggy but Castlevania was so jerky that I almost didn't want to watch it. But other than that good work.
  • Awesome work motile!
    Thanks for your review and the dedication to these great games - you truly do them justice.
    If you liked Castlevania 1 I would highly suggest you play Castlevania 2 (my personal favorite) as it takes the platform elements and puts them with some adventure elements.
    Noobie for the review.

    In terms of length - I really don't mind how much you go into the games, which is important to do some games justice...but there may be value in keeping it a bit more snappy and organized - some constructive criticism for you.
  • Great stuff moltile! Also, make sure you upload it to Youtube and send it as a response to one of our eps so you can get some more views!

    We're going to have another channel dedicated to user generated content soon so this kind of stuff is _perfect_ for it!

  • nice dude, it's a bit long so I watch it some other time but good stuff so far :D (and nice in 'HD' btw)
  • Ooo motile you look even more sexy than I first expected.Good video but the Scrabulous review was too long for my liking.
  • Great stuff, Moltile. I wasn't expecting a review of this week's arcade game, but it's great that you did.

    And I have to disagree with Locke, Castlevania II is hell to play, there's so many flaws with that game, so if I was you, i'd ignore that game and play Super Castlevania IV and/or Symphony of the Night.

    I think the first review of the scrabble-game wasn't that good, I don't mean no offence but that was quite boring to listen to, but the rest of the video was really good, keep up the work and hopefully we'll see a similar video like this for next week.
  • thanks people for the awesome responces i shall try and make this weeks a lot more snappy and intresting (and under like 10 min :P)

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