Cowlauncher's DLC Vid for the Week 3-27-08

  • This week is flooded with DLC with my favorite being the WoW patch 2.4 Sunwell. I talk a bit about TiQal for the 360, King's Knight for NES, Powerball for Genesis, and the Rock Band store. Enjoy!
  • Hell yeah! More DLC! Cowlauncher, you rock rock rock rock rock! We feature you with good words in the Modcast too, to increase your exposure :) And with what's been coming out from you, we're gonna pimp you EVEN MORE :)
  • i really enjoyed this 1. u had my attention the whole time. im gonna check out that tetris like game now.
  • Good stuff this week, Cowlauncher, as always.

    I AM into sports games, but Powerball looks confusing and spastic. For some reason it reminds me a little of NES Play Action Football. Anyone? It's the NES game with the 45 degree angle, top-down view and the million yard field... ? I'm not sure why, that's just what I thought of when I saw the video of Powerball. Even for a sports game, this doesn't look like it's worth it. Thanks for buying it so I didn't have to, I guess I owe you money. I'll just take you to a Cracker Barrel the next time I'm in Minnesota :D
  • You know how I feel about your DLC roundup, Cowlauncher...great vid :) I know when I get back into town next week(on Monday), first thing I am doing is picking up Bully: Scholarship Edition for my 360. It's a great game, you are going to enjoy the hell out of it.

    I definitely want to download Boston's "More Than A Feeling". I love that they changed the Rock Band store and made it actually usable! Also, I really hope they one day let online World Tour happen, because I want the WT achievements, but its so hard to get friends over that are good to play with me.
  • Cowlauncher,
    Excellent work again Cowlauncher, with the little you had to work with you again bring the science to the DLC front. Thanks for your video - a little WoW heavy for my taste, but I'm just messing - it looks like Calflauncher will have his epic mount in no time.

    A couple of constructive criticisms:
    1) I would see merit in moving your video footage of the games to right after talking about the game 'in person'. So after you talk about powerball - put in the footage of powerball.
    2) Play the video footage whilst your audio track is talking about the game.

    I personally like the first suggestion just because I like your beautiful face talking about the game - it gives some personality to the video. Both of my suggestions may mess with your flow and time and I'm not sure if you want to change anything, since what you are doing is working well.

    Just my 2 cents, as I like to see you each week giving us the low down.
  • Locke I'm not so sure I agree with you on that.

    I like the fact that he talks about all the games first and then shows them, as if I'm not interested in a certain game he's mentioning..I don't have to skip through to see the rest. An overview of everything and then I can watch the games I'm interested in.

    :-) Oh well.
  • Another great round up there cowlauncher. I look forward to these as much as the main podcast because they're great and save me a lot of time. All I check now is the XBLA games on Wednesday because I want my Bionic Commando Rearmed. Keep it up my good sir.
  • Hey guys. Thanks for the great comments. I like Locke's Idea, but it may be a bit more time consuming in the edit. I feel that if I give the general rundown first and then the videos, it flows a bit better for me. Again, keep the criticisms coming. This 10 minute show is not afraid to evolve. With the increasing number of comments and subscribers, I'm really gonna try harder to make the show more entertaining. One thing I will never get rid of is the deleted scenes at the end. I love them! Enjoy guys!
  • good dlc episode i cant wait to get my friends over to play rockband with the new music store
  • Good episode dude. But teaching Jacob to play WoW? Hmm...tip-toeing around child abuse buddy. And download the Heroic map pack if you haven't already so we can play some Grifball. You'll love it.
  • question: shouldn't this be posted in the User-Generated sub-forum and if our good friend cowlauncher can't post there shouldn't he get rights to do so? (A)
  • James Kond said:
    shouldn't this be posted in the User-Generated sub-forum and if our good friend cowlauncher can't post there shouldn't he get rights to do so?

    Yeah James, you have a point - I am just trying to figure out where to organize all of this. The thing with video reviews is that that they contain both User Generated and Game Review qualities so I am deciding where to put all of them.
    I am leaning towards UGC because that will leave the games discussion to solely games, and will give these videos a chance to shine in their own forum.
    I wouldn't be inclined to put these under game reviews - something like the 60 second review, or even Jam's reviews would be best suited there...for now let's stick to UGC.

    Back to the topic at hand - Cowlauncher's great addition to the community his DLC for this week.
  • i know i commented on your review on DLC on youtube but dude since i watched it again i thought i would comment again
    your videos are great you got to keep up the awesome work :D so as u can see i agree with sunflower :P
  • Seeing Powerball reminded me of another old game on the PS1 called Pitball. It was similar except the setting was futuristic and there were two man teams. It was also in 3-D if I remember correctly. Anyone else remember that game?

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