NoobToob Community Profile 1: Cilia!!
  • i feel a little closer to you now. thank you ;)
  • Any plans for the next one, Demi?
  • i'll do one after the bigger names.
  • Oh my God, Demi, you pimp. How the hell did you ever get Cilia?

    Man, I've tried taking my pants off, inviting her to my ustream and asking ice breaker questions like "what are you wearing" but she eludes me every time.

    Top stuff getting Cilia. It's like capturing a rare Pokémon.

    Absolutely top stuff. You're penetrating the community in greater ways than I ever could. Definitely keep it up.

    Do DeeStanley for an interview sometime. With pix. I'd love that.

    Noobie for you~<3
  • I know this is a little late but better late than never:
    first off nice interview, and second I did make a Wikipedia page for all those who are intreasted in looking at it :).

    The page can be found here: or on the front page of the wiki under NooBTooBers - NooBTooB.

    Anyways great Interview cya

  • Wow, great idea Demiveeman. I loved the first interview and can't wait to read the features for weeks to come. One thing that I would like to mention though is that I think Demi was trying to politely say that he would like to be in charge of this and make it his own sort of thing to add to the community. I mean, you don't see Cilia giving up her shoop contest to the winner, or Keyran letting the winner choose the next game and host the next week.

    But I can also suggest that instead of letting Cilia do the next interview and basically pushing Demi aside you might like her to choose the interviewee, because this still allows Demi the free reign he wants to take this where he wants it to go. Just thought I might share my thoughts. But I really do love it Demiveeman and hope you will continue it.!
  • Well, again, as I said...I'm not trying to dictate this so much since its a community thing, I just don't want people to pick favorites every week. I'm going to try and pick up and coming NoobToobers, that wouldn't otherwise get the exposure.
  • Completely off-topic, but demi your sig is absolutely hilarious.

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