Noobtoob Modcast Episode 10 - No Jam in Ma's Shady Pines
  • We're back for episode 10 of the Noobtoob Modcast! This week...

    --Gameshark joins us from the Community Podcast to fill in for the sorely missed Jam Enslaver, off on a holiday with his family. No doubt he's up to some country shenanigans.

    --Sunflower covers Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and Lost: Via Domus

    --Locke and Gameshark both wax intellectual about Crackdown and a little more Burnout Paradise

    --Guess the Game returns, do your best this week for the Noobie prize

    --What's Nintendo's big holiday surprise? We elaborate on our thoughts

    --and we beat the hell out of the Mailbag

    --and as always, discussion is KEY - and we bring it in loads

    Enjoy the podcast, we (as always) enjoy making it, and hope it's entertaining. Feedback is appreciated and considered, so please leave it either in this thread or as a review on the iTunes store.

    Have fun! See you guys next week...when JAM RETURNS (ooo)
  • Gameshark? Who let that amateur on? =P

    Just kidding. Whilst no-one can properly replace Jam's dulcet tones, I suppose he'll have to do. (Love ya really, Sharky.)

    Edit: Listened through. Really looking forward to the Condemned reaction vids. Promises to be very amusing. I'm suffering from 'recognize it but can't place it' syndrome on the music too. God damn it. Isn't from Animal Crossing: Wild World, is it? I know it's not from AC on the GameCube, but I'm not gonna get a better guess than that. I wouldn't be able to place which Harvest Moon game it was if it was one of those, so guesswork is fun. Don't mind betting on tough odds.

    That said, I'm very much hoping the new Wii spectacular is the Kirby game (cause I've never played to but I always keep meaning to try one when a new Smash comes out) but I have a feeling it's gonna be Animal Crossing myself, which I must confess to not being a great fan of.

    Anyway, good ep. Two eps now without the new releases and the show really feels nicely formatted and positioned now, and ready to accept Jam back unto it's bosom on his return.
  • Well done Gameshark for filling in for Jam. You did an excellent job.

    Good points raised about GTA IV. The GTA series has never been a looker so I do hope for a nice looking game. From the trailers I've seen it looks like it will achieve that. It doesn't look stunnning by any means but its a marked improvement as you would expect seen as its the first time its made the jump to next-gen.

    As for the combat, I agree that its been poor in the previous games but I think this new cover system will address that as it should make it feel more realistic.

    If the multiplayer lives up to expectations then we will need to organise a social for it. GTA + NTA = awesomeness.

    You also mentioned Hitman: Blood Money which I am currently playing through again at professional. Locke, you definitely need to pick it up for the 360. Its a must own title.

    Great job again guys and I look forward to Jam's return.
  • I meant to say psp
  • Heh, you can hear a "Huh?" when SF reads your question MUZ... I was wondering what you meant when you said I could play it on my PS3.... I'm going to still keep with my original answer which is "no".
  • well good choice with gameshark but you need someone more like Jam to fill(Magenta) cause gameshark is more like Locke. Magenta=Jam. And ... um ... I need to get on the mother fuckin Comcast cause no one on there is like Sunflower.
  • Bah, I'm too much of a ruffian to fill in for Jam. XD
  • well you got a British accent and thats enough for me.
  • Moving to UGC :)

  • The modcast should have new guest host every week
  • Locke you really need to play blood money i might play through it again soon
  • ajconst said:
    The modcast should have new guest host every week

    I disagree. Although Gameshark did a great job covering for Jam, the three of them go together really well. I think they have the right balance and I couldn't imagine the Modcast without them.
  • ...oh man: Lunar and Monkey Island--2 of my all time favorite series. I am replaying MI for the umteenth time on my DS right now, and even though I know what is about to happen, I still chuckle out loud the the lines. The scene when you first enter the governor's mansion is priceless!
  • First time listening (I...think). I am enjoying it considerably. I think I'll finally rent LOST, I am a huge fan of the show which is why I've been kinda wary about renting the game.

    My main worry going into the modcast was that it would just re-tread the same areas that the main podcast has already covered, but I guess I was completely wrong, you do a really good job avoiding this, covering things that the primary podcast doesn't have time to do, or that Tobin and Yuzo just choose not to do.
  • Oh, I forgot that they were going to be talking about Lost this week. I love that show and was interested in seeing what their take was on it. I'll watch the episode sometime tomorrow and comment back with, well my comments :D

    I'm going to start listening regularly seeing as there are so many good things that people say about this podcast.
  • Great episode as usual, despite the lack of Jam spread in our ears this week. GameShark did a great job filling in, although you could've at least attempted a british-accent :P

    You guys talk a lot about Crackdown, and I know it's a sort of old game, but I did get my hands on it last week, and I don't see why it's in Tobin top 3 picks from last year, because it's not actually that good, it feels like a cheap copy of Grand Theft Auto, but still, it's a pretty fun game, but nothing outstanding, it wouldn't have sold like crazy if it hadn't included the HALO 3 beta.

    Anyway, I haven't got much else to say, except I look forward to the next episode.

    P.S. - The intro song was amazing. What was it?
  • That was really good ^_^

    I'm GLaD these are on, they are jsut as good as NooBTooB but talk about things noobtoob might skim over. Good job and keep it up
  • Who ever listed halo 3 , COD4, Gears and Bioshock, you listed my 4 favourite and most played game. Even though my xbox broke my gears and COD4.
  • keyransolo said:
    P.S. - The intro song was amazing. What was it?

    That would be the intro to the Golden Girls. :) Glad you all enjoyed the show. New one tomorrow!
  • I get 404ed whenever i try to download. Was this moved over to the new server?
  • brex123 said:
    I get 404ed whenever i try to download. Was this moved over to the new server?

    Good question. Let me look. :(
  • Sunflower4000 said:

    I'm playing catch-up on my noobtoob UGC and I the link on the first page didn't work for me either, but this new link is doing the trick.

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