Smash Brothers Orientation Video + Sneak Peek Rap Song
  • Hey guys,

    I know this has to do with the tournament, but since it was a collaboration effort and it features my new NoobToob rap in the credits, I put it in its own thread in site discussion.

    Here is the video.


    It parodies old "Your ____ and you" tutorial videos from the 1950's.

    I just noticed there's a gap with some color in it. That was an encoding error so just pretend its black and white :-) until I decide if I want to re-upload it.

    Update: I know it was wrong to tease yall with my new rap, :-) So here's the MP3 of the rap entitled, "NoobToob Roll-on: Apply Directly to the Forehead" so you can hear it better:

    I'll bring it back up when the full-out video is completed.
  • So I'm wondering how you guys split up the writing of the dialogue for this, cause there's some really nice segments and lines in this. I especially love the Star Wars reference bit XD

    I also fucking love the new rap. Can't wait for the 'proper' release of that. Prone this shit!
  • Excellent video demi, glad I could be a part of it (and please everyone excuse my paper-thin American accent). Also, you should really make another video with your new rap. It sounds really good, and I'd like a proper showcase for it.
  • holeeee shit man. That's an awesome video. If it wasn't over six minutes long we'd totally pimp the hell out of it by putting it in the show :).

    We'll figure out something though, and I've already edited our show notes so we can announce the march madness contest. Also, be sure to add this as a video response to the ep when we post it. It'll be good for people to be able to directly click the response video in the same ep where we talk about it.

    Great coining of D-BAD..

    Can't wait for the new rap video. I think Locke's been called out.. See what happens when you only take her out to Subway? D-man shells out for Quizno's.

  • I posted an mp3 stream of the rap in the first post, you can hear it better that way.
  • The choice for the Sims music playing in the background was awesome. This was entertaining and made me laugh. Well worth the noobie.
  • No other way to put it other than simply............EPIC!

    Locke's gonna have to step his game up to beat that!
  • Yuzo,

    I'm not sure when you guys were going to post the new ep, Wednesday is the deadline for registration (might extend to Thursday, but I'm pretty sure we'll have enough people)...So it may be too late to get any real publicity about it by the time the ep posts, but any coverage/mentioning of it would be cool. I'll have some game footage for the episode after the least of the one battle I'm guaranteed to be in.

    'Preciate it though :-)

    So far: 23 signed up, and 4 maybes. :-) More than I thought.
  • That was an amazing vid right there, I don't know what made me laugh more the Locke's girlfriend remark or Jams accent. Truly outstanding stuff and I loved every second of it. more More MORE!
  • Wow... I don't know what to say. That is really freaking awesome, Demiveeman :D It's hilarious and I just love your facial expressions throughout the video.

    "Show 'em what you got, Demi!"
    *Holds up the box and smiles like a proud 5-year-old*

    It's pure brilliance - all of it; even the goofy blooper in the end. And Jam, nice voice acting :P You sound eerily like exactly that kind of voice over-guy.
  • lmao nice demi. but my only problem (with the tourny) is that irc doesnt work for me. i get a glitch everytime i try to join.
  • LOL ! Awesome video.
    Espeically the part about Sunflower cracked me up .
  • WOW :D that was really helpful thanks demiveeman
  • THAT WAS A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

    (wish I had Brawl though..)

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