Noobtoob Cage Match Episode 2
  • It exists. Due to the recording awesomeness of Locke, and the audio engineering of our inestimable Jam Enslaver, I am proud (VERY proud) to present the fruits of our labour - Cage Match 2!

    This episode pits last week's champion, Gameshark, against the squishy water blob himself, Mr. Hewlett Packard 1703. AKA HP1703. Which of the two has the better knowledge of gaming trivia? Who will be triumphant and return to the next show? Find out inside.

    Feedback is appareciated. I can't wait to hear what you guys think of it. :)

    Runtime approx 27 mins.
  • Good stuff.

    "He basically just learned to pee"


    I got 3 of those questions right.. so.. meh.
  • Sunflower, i always thought you were kind of an a-hole, but after listening to the community podcasts I've realized your fucking hilarious and really soft inside ;) (i mean that in a totally non-homosexual way)
    I would have got 3 answers right :)

    Glitch - owning your ass since -92
  • Glitch said:
    Sunflower, i always thought you were kind of an a-hole, but after listening to the community podcasts I've realized your fucking hilarious and really soft inside ;) (i mean that in a totally non-homosexual way)
    I would have got 3 answers right :)

    Glitch - owning your ass since -92

    Thanks! Wait. I was an asshole? Why?
  • Yeah, 3 here too: Never played Gears, so Sunflower's OBVIOUS BIAS *shot* would have fucked me up there. ;o

    But yeah, great ep. I was trying to be neutral throughout but I couldn't help jumping out of my chair with joy when hp got the 5th question right. It was really fun just hearing the cogs ticking away as he edged gradually closer and then just guessed it. It was wonderful to listen to, and that's what this is all about.

    The lineup for next time is really interesting. I think our champion has had the seeds of his downfall planted under his feet in an act of brilliant spitery, so we'll see how that goes.
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    Thanks! Wait. I was an asshole? Why?

    I don't know, i guess I'm just scared of you after seeing your pictures (your a big scary looking man). :D
  • I love this idea, I only managed 2 of the original questions but also knew the tiebreaker.

    When I think of a cage match, I always automatically think to wrestling. I think adding some kind of a wrestler announcer introducing the competitors each week would be cool or having a stereotypical wrestling promo introduce the competitors. That'll obviously only work if one of you guys can do that kinda shit, although I'd give it a go if needed.
  • We've got some ideas for cutting a promo for an intro for next episode, we'll see if it's doable, but we have grand plans and I'm really loving how these Cage Matches are turning out. :)
  • I think this segment is great. Not only is it some enjoyable competition, but it also gives us a great look at the NoobToob community. I think you have selected a good range of questions in both episodes (except for the 2 Gears of War questions). You have character questions, story questions, and retail questions. I think having a wide range of questions will be sure to keep it fair for everyone.
    A question: Are you only using Skype to communicate during the show? Just curious in case the gauntlet is eventually thrown in the NoobToob masses direction. I got four out of five, and then slapped myself after the answer to the Dreamcast question was given.
    Keep it up guys and I'll look forward to the next episode.
  • Yes, it is Skype that we use. Though we like using loser-chooses next opponent, that may not end up well eventually because I don't want to do many repeat performances.

    Also, we plan on refining the show quite a bit, and once everything looks guys think we can get a Tobin vs Yuzo Cage Match? Hmm?
  • I just found some news online. Apparently, a new, unknown writer is working on a metal gear solid 5 subtitled: Frank Snake Willamson, III

    great job Mr Hewlett Packard One Thousand Seven hundred and Three
    better start studying now for the British Mother Brain!!
  • Yeah, HP's gonna have his work cut out for him with Jam Enslaver next match. I'm rigging up a nice set of questions too, and we're expanding our format to seven questions, and a little bit of order-changing to make it flow smoother and be more tense. :)
  • oeh nice battle there.. soon there will come an winner who doesn't lose after one round..right Jam?
  • This is a great idea. Well done HP for winning and getting question five right. "I want to thank my parents for having sex" - Great acceptance speech :P

    By the way, Heaven and Hell is a quality song!!
  • Jammy-kins, don't let me down you British wanker.
  • Damn, I would of got 4/5 on these questions and I was 2 months out on the 5th question too. Fantastic Cage Match, these are a great addition too, I look forward to the next Cage Match: HP1703 vs Jam Enslaver: battle of the minds! (you can't have too many colons).

    However now I have "You the best around" stuck in my head for the rest of the day.... and nothings ever gonna keep me down.
  • I only got two right. : (

    But I knew the exact answer to the tie-breaker because I check out sales numbers almost everyday.

    Good stuff though, these are really fun to listen to.
  • Wow, these cage matches are awesome :)

    Half an hour of hilarity filled community togetherness >.>
  • I loved it! I am looking forward to many more of these. I thought it was plenty suspensful. I didn't listen to the first one, so I was a little confused at what was happening when I first started but everything was cleared up within the first couple of minutes.

    Great work Sunflower, very funny! :D
  • I knew all those questions I should have been on there
  • I think the NT Cage Match is a great idea and a lot of fun. Can't wait to see how Jam does next time.

    Maybe you should have some sort of qualifiying series of questions to select the contender the following week and open it up to all you crazy skype-using kids on the site. You could maybe post or read the questions on the next ep and have people PM you the answers. Of course, it would be hard to make sure people don't use google that way.
  • An update on our next one - should be recording it in the next couple of days. Some changes:

    Seven questions
    We'll take the guesses by the contestants, then bring them together when we answer the questions to keep track.
    Better production values
    Intro promos, ala boxing matches, hopefully

    Also, if you have a usable mic and Skype and are interested, make it be known in the cage match thread. I'd hate for the loser to pick a challenger and them not be able to fight, also having a pool of people would be nice to have as reference.

    Looking forward to my questions...curious if Jam can be stumped, as he used to be my guinea pig for bouncing questions off of, and he was very good, so I'm creating a brand new set for this matchup.

    Everyone stay tuned for the War on the Shore. :D
  • Guys...I really want to applaud you on this.. Its a really fun podcast. I have skype and I'm ready and willing.
  • Dude this podcast rocks and i have skype and mic so ill be waiting....
  • For question 3, I was shouting "Mad World, dammit!" for both contestants :P

    This is the first Cage Match i've listened to, and it's a really good idea, nice way to see how much gaming-knowledge the community has. It'd be really cool to see a Tobin vs Yuzo episode, honestly I think Yuzo would win, but it'd still be interesting.

    P.S. - Nice Call of Duty 4 background music.

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