Noobtoob Olympic Cage Match Episode 1
  • Hey everyone! The team from the much-loved Noobtoob Modcast (Available on iTunes) have put together the Noobtoob Olympic Cage Match, a quiz to test the most hardened of gamers of their gaming knowledge against each other.

    There are five questions. Initially. Each one harder than the last. How will the contestants do? Who will win? Who's smarter than the other, when it comes to the...


    The inaugural first episode matches our precious British cow-feeder, SmokestormX...versus one quarter of the Community Podcast, the inestimable Gameshark. Does age prevail? Is youthfulness the most powerful? Find out inside!

    Taking challengers. They must be skype-able. Next episode will be the champion vs HP1703...who else wants some?

    Big ups to Jam Enslaver for the audio mastering. He is a god, is he not?
  • Bros is obviously the answer to question number 1.... I'm sorry I can see no other possible answer.
  • I should of had that donut power up, it would of injected super mega response time in me and perhaps un-zombified me.
  • did smokey have a hole in his throat? he sounded so weird!
  • Man, this sounds like fun. I'll be a challenger :)

    I never knew GTA 2 was out on the Dreamcast.. Gameshark asked me the question on Ventrillo, and I got Playstation, Game Boy Colo(u)r and the PC. But I never knew it came out on the Dreamcast.. damn.

    Gameshark.. Goodjob on remembering HP's new name that I gave him. :D
  • I'm looking forward to looking like a complete moron next week and getting my 'ass kicked'. How many would I have gotten right this week? One... but only because I know Mario's last name.

    Yes, I would have gotten the GH3 question wrong. I know the name of the song, but not who wrote/performs it. I've never played GH3. So screw me.

    Great job, guys. Those were difficult questions.
    And how about Johann Sebastian Locke playing kick ass tunes live. What a musical genius!!!
  • Gosh this is incredible, listening back to it. I can't wait for the next one.
  • I can not believe you guys did not know Mario's last name. Hell, all you had to do was say Mario? like you were clarifying the question. I mean, its freaking Mario Mario! And Luigi Mario! God damn. *cries*

    As for myself, I only knew the answers for questions 1 and 2.

    I thought the title of the lightning round gave it away, Sunflower even emphasized the title the 3rd time round. Rival SCHOOLS. It was like he was begging you guys. I had never heard of the game but from that I thought one of you guys could get it. I also new the EA one.

    Having said that, I shouldn't be talking cause 2 right sucks and I am guessing a lot of people could pwn me.

    Cool idea though, and nice job for being the first ones guys.

    I guess... :P
  • This cracked me up, I love this segment. Keep it up. Oh and I don't mind embarrassing myself.
  • I'm really digging the idea of this! I totally missed first question (I said Bros to Sunflower when he asked me :)), and would've messed up on the GTA 2 one. No clue that it was on Dreamcast or GBA.

    Woah, did Gameshark say Keith Ledger?!

    A few comments:

    * A little tighter on the pacing would be good. I know it's the first time but I wouldn't give people _too_ long to answer.

    * I'm sure it'll be a bitch to edit, but it'd be pretty cool to have each persons answer right after the other.

    * The music in the background was really distracting. I couldn't understand most of Smokestorm's answers.

    * It seems like most of the questions were a little too hard for the competitors. It's not as much fun to hear everyone get the answers wrong, so it might be better to have a few more questions and more easy ones in the beginning so people can get some right.

    * Definitely figure out a better final question format :). Maybe asking a question that relies on year or something numeric so the closest person gets it.

    Overall I'm loving the idea, definitely keep it up!

  • Keith Ledger is the only actor I know that has died that popped into my mind.
  • I ROFL'd when Sharky said Sonic

    Great idea, look forward to the next, would love to participate but timezones kinda kills it :(.
  • This is a great idea! I look forward to more of this in the future.

    Like Yuzo suggested I would like to see more 'easy' questions. Part of the fun is playing along at home or seeing people succeed. The Mario question was great because it seems obvious at first and I bet alot of people were screaming at their computer to help pass on the answer. I enjoy questions like that.

    Is the phone and dishes part of the background music? If so, yeah that's annoying. I wanted to tell Smoke to go to another room, but then Gameshark had it too.

    For the final question I would do as Yuzo suggested something with a year or number. Or that GTA2 question would of been as a final answer. Whoever listed the most would win or even have person 1 say one then person 2 say one and alternate until there is a winner. A question like "List games created by _______________".

    Great job though! And thanks Smoke and Gameshark for being the first two brave individuals!
  • Nobody said:
    Keith Ledger is the only actor I know that has died that popped into my mind.

    Except it's HEATH Ledger ;p Anyway.

    I thought seriously that the bar/lounge music would be a good thing - judging from the responses, it ain't, so I'm gonna look for something else less obtrusive to play in the background.

    And yes, this was the first one and was totally done on the fly, so it has a lot of improvements that have to happen, and will. So bear with us.

    HP, when do you want your serving of destruction? Let me know.
  • The background music made it sound like I was in a wierd Cafe or something where thier constantly topping up my coffee every 2 minutes, very strange. But no, it was real late like 5am and I was only about because my sofa is too comfy it's dangerous to sit in, it has sleep inducing powers.

    Listening back to it, I know i sounded a bit echoey , I can't belive I didn't get the Mario question, and the rival SCHOOLs question, omg it's so obvious listening back at it.

    I look forward to see HP1703 win , surely someone who answers "bros" shall be defeated easily. Yuzo.. for SHAME!
  • This is an ageist competition. Smoke and HP are both old farts and I don't have the advantage of their Grey beards. There needs to be more post 2000 questions.....and lots more JRPG questions!
  • these questions were so easy I'd wipe the floor with these guys
  • I'd love to participate, just as long as you have some more easier questions

    and also i'd like to see the background music change, or there be was quite annoying
  • The match was a lot MORE annoying without the music, believe me.

    Next time we'll have less obtrusive music, promise.
  • this sound fun

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