NoobToob Rap Rebuttal (Reponse to Locke's Rap)

  • :-) Just thought I'd take inspiration from Locke and do my own.


    Yo my name is Demi and I'm new on the block,
    and I've noticed lots of videos by this dude named Locke.

    First it was acoustic, and then it was fly,
    but now its time to show him that he ain't the only guy

    that can throw out the flows, and shoot out the rhymes
    he may have the pennies but I got nickles and dimes.

    While Reggie's kicking some ass, and taking some names
    I'll tell you bout some bro's that like to play some games.

    They're called NoobToob,
    Tobin and Yuzo,
    They're called NoobToob,
    Where else can you go?

    The first one's Tobin, and his shirts are sick,
    and if you give him any shit you get a chainsaw on a stick.

    He's plays games since he was little, popped his cherry
    writing down the codes to get in Leisure Suit Larry.

    After that is Yuzo, and man he from Japan
    his Asian Gaming powers help him when they can

    He shoots out more webs than the Spidey himself,
    maybe he should lay off all that Wine on the shelf.

    They got NoobToob,
    Tobin and Yuzo,
    Their called NoobToob,
    Where else can you go?

    Now in my final stanza I'mma throw out some noobies,
    To those who don't know, they're like Zelda's Rupees.

    The first goes to Sunflower, for policing the group...
    then it goes to Cilia for the NoobToob Shoop.

    Next is Iceman, cause his skills are insane,
    Then Jam Enslaver for his reviews of games.

    Now to Locke, this rap respects, not attacks.
    But maybe we'll rap battle when I see you at PAX.
  • Demi, that was awesome! I even laughed out loud at the Gertsman pic.. I am giving you a big red rupee of a noobie!
  • That was amazing LOL sounded natural as well, not a white boy trying to rap LOL.
  • Haha nice job. Thats worth a noobie.
    You and Locke should have a rap battle lol.
  • What can I say,
    Very well done Demi awesome quality and I loved the lyrics. I'm glad that my antics and get people moving on Noobtoob, you are the man - and learn from the best.
    You know what is coming though right?
    The second coming.
  • Thanks for all the Noobies guys, and appreciate the kind words.

    You know it Locke, learned from the best so I can roll with the rest.

  • Very well done my friend.
  • Awesome job DV. I really ought to take down those gag pics we put up for our about pages at some point. :) I mean, I _love_ CC lemon, but not that much.

    Man, if we get enough of these we could put out a CD (or perhaps a cassingle) of "NooBTooB Rapz!". I can just imagine the cover art now..

  • Hooray for showing off!

  • Yeah, but in order to get folks to listen to the CD, you'll need a promotional Rap Battle.

  • that was pretty funny/enjoyable. i would have liked a more lively corus but it was still off da hook 8)
  • Haha I loved that rap. It really made me laugh out loud. Noobie for that one
  • Nice demiveeman, thanks for mentioning me!
  • Oh dear. I fear this battle of the unlikely rappers may escalate to beyond that which the Earth was designed to be able to cope with.

    In which case, we're all doomed.

    But at least it'll be an awesome way to die.
  • It was all awesome. BUT, there was one part where you wrecked it for me. SOLJA BOY SUCKS. That's just how I fell. The rest was awesome though :D
  • I'm surprised anybody caught that...It was actually a reference to a Soulja Boy parody rather than Soulja Boy...since I don't like him either :-D
  • I love the Nintendo 64 necklace...f**k "ice", represent the games. Good job man.
  • it was better than i expected great job
  • realy gota make some deathcore songs in here
  • Nice. Very smooth sound. Especially liked the end with the applause, good touch.
  • so whos making the scremo noobtoob song?
  • Well if we are saving the rap battle for PAX, I am going to delve in some new genres - ideas are welcome.
    Right now I have some techno in the mix, but I could do something awesome with an emo/screemo song.
  • My friend is in a Death Metal band... i should totally try and get him to do one lol that would be sick...
  • Well,

    I'm working on some new stuff right now...but I'll be waiting.

    Your move, Locke.

  • Excellent work, man! That rap was awesome. I love all the references to the community near the end, too. That really brings it together for me.
  • Locke said:
    Well if we are saving the rap battle for PAX, I am going to delve in some new genres - ideas are welcome.
    Right now I have some techno in the mix, but I could do something awesome with an emo/screemo song.

    Damn I wish I could go to PAX so I could tear you fools up 8)

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