UGC: Jam Enslaver Reviews #02!
  • Here's week 2 of our first foray into user generated content! This week he reviews Bomberman '93. Give it a gander and make sure you rate the video with 5 stars on Jam's.. um.. well, somewhere.

    (I kinda wish Jam spent a little more time making fun of Act Zero. so much good material there :) )

  • Good stuff Jam, as always.

    But yeah, you should have ripped into Act Zero :)
  • To be honest I've never played Act Zero and was only going on its reputation so taking the piss out of it was a bit of a cheap shot.
  • Looks like Yuzo and Tobin have some competition.
  • I watched this review 1 month ago so why are you posting this now and not his more recent review DE. This is a realy funny review 5 stars.
  • Yay! Can't comment too much as I already watched Jam's review of Bomberman a month ago :)
  • On my own channel my videos only get a couple of hundred views, whereas on the NooBTooB channel with it's existing subscription base they can easily get into the thousands. It's just a case of trying to reach as many people as possible, so aplogies to those who have already seen them.
  • blackhawk570 said:
    Looks like Yuzo and Tobin have some competition.

    no way, they work together :D

    Jam awesome review again :) Keep reviewing those games and I'll be watchin'em
  • Is anybody else having problems watching it on the actual youtube "Noobtoob presents..." page? I can only get the intro (first 9 seconds).
  • Doesn't sonikdude create UGC?
  • He sort of has his own thing going from the looks of it. The guy is a fucking machine -- churns out 2-3 videos a day.

  • Wow. This is an excellent review.

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