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  • Hey Noobtoob Army,
    Here is the place for all your street team activity. When I am talking street team I mean taking the fliers out and putting them up in important, witty, or high traffic areas for the rest of the world to see. Take a picture and submit it here. Hopefully we can get some awesome shots, or just some good effort to spread the word. I am trying to be dedicated and will see if I can get one unique post per week on different places that we have put the noobtoob fliers that our amazing artists have done.
    Feel free to post your pictures here with decent captions if need be.

    [MOD: Tobin posted up the wiki with all the posters here: ]
  • Here is the first round that I figured I would put up to get things going. I took a ton of fliers and put them up around the office where I work (at the University of Alberta).
    I thought everyone in the office deserved some NoobToob in the morning (it's better than coffee) so I put the fliers on everyone's door:

    Then I figured that in case people forgot about the flier on the door I could just add the link to their computer:

    Now to cover my tracks, I had to put one on my computer to make sure that no one suspected me of mischief.

    This was the preliminary round for me - but I think it suited the task. I listen to noob toob at work so I thought it was appropriate to start the street team mission there. Its a pretty small office of about 30 people, but I think I got my message across.
  • erm ok one question you say you are covering your tracks but you are giving people a link to the website and a picture of your self i mean i bet sherlock homes couldn't work out who put up the mysterious fliers.
  • Yeah, its no big deal's more of a joke than anything.
    No one is going to fire me for putting up some fliers - I'm just getting the word out. If they visit the website then my job was a success.
    But man if Sherlock Holmes catches me, I'm done for. He still thinks my dog was the Hound of the Baskervilles.
  • I say shit yeah, that's awesome. Throw it out there, if we even gain ONE intelligent user, it's successful :) the more the better!
  • Woot, awesome post Locke, thanks for putting it up and starting it out with a _bang_. We'll be sure to talk about it next week when we record and throw up some of the shots. Noobie for you!

  • I will be sure to post it at my local LAN place, which may I add has 80" projection screens :O.
  • Good to see it coming together. I still need to get off my ass and throw one under a cop's wiper blade :) You can bet on that being photographed!
  • Nice idea Sunflower!
    I have one brewing up similar to that but you will see it when it happens.
    I'll put up my Thanksgiving (Canada) NT street team pics up after this weekend - some random but funny shots.
  • my towns small but we have some gamers as soon as i get more ink ill print out about 20nposters and hang em around town and post the pix up here
  • Yo, i live in Canada's Capital and go to highschool with gamers...eassy.
  • Where can I print out these flyers so I can put some up? I was thinking of putting them on some houses and some cars.
  • Hey Noob Toobers,
    Here is what I was up to the past weekend - just getting the word out a little more to the public. I was back in my hometown for Thanksgiving (Canadian) this past weekend and found a couple sweet spots that were quite convenient to put up some fliers. Enjoy!

    First we have Noob Toob GPS. I needed a map and this was the best I could find, and it worked as I arrived safe and sound back in Calgary. We had these in the car because I wanted to use them this weekend, but we ended up showing them to people on the highway as we drove past them. The people in the other cars didn't know what we were doing, but I figured they got the point.

    Next we have Noob Toob picking up the tab - by the end of the night every table had one of these on was awesome to see people picking them up and wondering what the hell I was doing.

    We had to get some gas so I figured that the pumps would be a place of high traffic - thus we tagged the 10 pumps at Petro Canada with each of their own Noob Toob swag.

    More of the weekend to come tomorrow...
    I wanna see the noob toob army get creative here and see what we can get out there to spread the word. Why not have 1000 people rating Tobin's junk?
  • noobtoob is slowly taking over the world
  • Locke that is some amazing stuff. You're pushing the bar so high for the other peeps on the Street Team that I dunno if they'll be able to top ya :)

    We mentioned your fun at work this episode, and we'll be sure to flash a few of those new pics next ep if we can.

  • I had to throw up some posters in the EB where I purchased my Orange Box. I'll have them up by the weekend - they are pretty sweet and almost as 'epic' as Halo 3.
  • Hell yeah. Let's keep this moving, hopefully some more people will get off their butts and help out too, cos it rocks :) I have a stack of 50 in my car waiting for opportune moments...and I'm always, ALWAYS looking for that unattended police car to slip one under :)
  • I'm planning a trip up to a LAN centre in Guildford either this weekend or next (I'm lonely and crave real human contact), so I'll take a bunch of flyers.
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    Hell yeah. Let's keep this moving, hopefully some more people will get off their butts and help out too, cos it rocks :) I have a stack of 50 in my car waiting for opportune moments...and I'm always, ALWAYS looking for that unattended police car to slip one under :)

    Haha Sunflower!
    I love it - I also have the stack of 50 in my car, and in my backpack as well just waiting for the opportune moment or place that needs to be noobtoobified.
    Here are some more from this week, as promised:

    On Wednesday I went to the local EB games to pick up my pre-ordered Orange Box and they had a sweet cardboard cut out of Master Chief there so I decided that it would be a good place to stick up some fliers.
    I had my cousins help to do a little 'distracting' but here he is in front of the EB gettin' his game face on:

    A close up of our flier outside of the store - getting our plan ready for some sweet distract and taggin':

    Here is how it went down - the initial plan was to just get some fliers out around the store without causing too much suspicion so I had my cuz go and talk to the clerks about some Wii crap or something while I went about my business. I had about 10 fliers with me (see above why I carry them around) and I started placing them amongst the shelves. This one was kind of blurry, but you get the idea:

    Now for the best part - as my cousin is still talking to the clerks, I notice the massive Halo 3 cutout and I thought "What better way to advertise" so I thought to put a flier up on the cutout of the most anticipated game of the year:

    If you look to the right, the clerk had no clue what was going on, so I tagged MC with some more bling and tried to make noobtoob as epic as Halo 3. I couldn't resist putting more fliers up on MC because it was such a prime spot, so I got my cousin to take the picture with me beside it.
    The clerks just thought I was a Halo 3 fanboy and wanted my picture with the virtual celebrity, but little did they know that MC had been hit by the noob toob street team.

    That's it for now, YAO!
  • bad fucking ass! This, THIS! Is what noobies are made for!!
  • Dude that is _so_ epic! You're definitely hitting the top of the street team topic when we record next week. The shot of you by MC is the best.

    I wonder how long they stayed up there :)

  • lol nice one locke you pwn
  • ok well i didnt post any posters yet but i did send a message over xbox live and hopefully people read it and check the site out

    hopefully this can get the word out abit and today im goingto leave fliers around a mall by my home
  • Could you put up the poster please? I can't seem to find it..
  • Winsord said:
    Could you put up the poster please? I can't seem to find it..

    I'm making a wiki page with them right now.

    Click on the images if you want to download the high res versions.
  • Locke that is awesome, you must have used some uber Sam Fisher skills to get them all up without the shop assistant noticing :P.

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