Week...Maybe Weeks in Gaming 18/03/2019
  • It's been a while since we have had one of these, in the absence of LittleG (where you gone dude?),I thought I would drop this tasty little thread.Why? Because...well, I am just interested in what you guys've been playing. I know I've worked my way through a few games in the past month or so. So how 'bout it? What you guys been up to? 

    Ooh I'll go first.  In no particular order I worked my way through Shadow of the Tomb raider, It's fairly good. I just finished Crackdown 3, it's okay. What else? Oh I finished Battlefield V, its interesting, but does nothing special for the genre. 

    Now I'm playing a hell of a lot of Apex Legend's, I can't wait for the Battlepass. I really feel like I need to give Respawn some dollar, dollar, pennies for the amount of time and fun I've had with this game to date. I've also just moved on to Yakuza Kiwami. I remember Tobin being obsessed with the Yakuza games, I myself have zero history with the series. It was free on Plus a few months ago so decided to give it a crack. I've played, I guess what equates to the prologue so far. The game seems really cool, decent story, a nice open world Tokyo (what I imagine it'd be like anyway, not been yet) and the combat seems unique and kinda fun.

    I've also started a Universe mode in WWE 2k19, just to play as a few different characters really. I wish these games still had GM mode, the lack of structure here just isn't the same. I want that wrestling management sim feeling again. 

    Finally I hacked my PS Classic...just to play Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, so I've been playing a shit tonne of THPS2 and its as much fun now as it was back then. This is my JAM probably one of the top 5 games of all time (It'd be interesting to see what other peoples would be).

    Speaking of the PS Classic I stuck a fair few games on there to try out. The Harry Potter PS1 games, I tell you. They...well. THEY DO NOT HOLD UP. Hercules is still fun though. FIN
  • Overwatch - Gave the new character Baptiste and go. Not really feeling this iteration of Overwatch. Maybe after Blizzard do some more 'balancing' I'll get back into it.

    Anthem - Platted it. Despite the shit thrown at this game, which it deserved entirely, I still had a pretty fun time with it, which surprised me. It felt like playing Dynasty Warriors after a certain point. You become so OP you can smash through hordes like they are nothing, which is very cathartic if you're not in the mood for anything too demanding on your mind or reflexes. The premise had so much potential, and if Bioware can somehow salvage something from this clusterfuck I might revisit it, but for now I'm done.

    Sekiro - Only just scratched the surface, but From have made another great game. I spent last night getting hunted by a giant snake through long grass, and having my arse handed to me by a shinobi hunter mini-boss. If you're the type of person that thought Souls wasn't punishing enough, give Sekiro a try.

    Crackdown 3 - I think I got to the last boss. I'm not sure. They've all been so samey and forgettable. I got to the point where I decided life is too short and I want to play other things, so I turned it off. I just don't care.

  • Too hard to find time, too too hard! What follows is like the last month and a half? Who knows!

    Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4): I've almost beat the.... whole... first world. Wooooooo. I'm about 4-5 hours in. Near the end of Toy Story land. It's fun! It's dumb as fuck! Still love the summons even if overused! Combat is great! This world design is fantastic! Jumping is still bad! It's funny at times! The limited exploration is done so well! Boss fights have had significant camera issues with how airborne they can be! 

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PC): I've played a very little bit, up until I got the prosthetic arm. I feel woefully under-qualified to say anything except that combat is fun, the world is moody as all hell in a good way and feels like it's dying or on the verge of (great choice for setting too), and yet there are definite moments of color and beauty, and so far the first 30 minutes was easier than the first 30 minutes of any Souls game. Well. Eh. Maybe not. Demon's was pretty easy and so was DS1 at the very very beginning. Anyways. I'm excited to play more. Someday!

    Two Point Hospital (PC): If you've played a cheekily humorous hospital sim before you've likely played this in a way, but it's so polished and the UI so clean (almost too minimalist actually, I've struggled to find some stuff) that the entire package here is very good. This is still a game that feels like it has a cap on how long you can enjoy it, but for a weekend or two of silly British announcer voice, cynically funny health humor, and simple but well done sim grid gameplay, can't go wrong.

    Path of Exile (PC): I finished a few quests on my lower level Shadow and got up to the trials or whatever. I forget the name. All my skills had been reset since I hadn't played this character in awhile. 
  • Almost a month later!

    Overwatch - The Uprising event is currently on so I've been playing for loot boxes. Finally had a chance to play with Baptiste. Insanely useful character. 

    Borderlands GOTY Remastered - Back to Pandora! I was so happy when they announced a remaster of the original Borderlands. Platted it on PS4 and playing through it on the Bone with a friend. Moxxi's DLC is still too long and boring as fuck though. Really looking forward to Borderlands 3, but so afraid Gearbox are going to ruin it.

    Sekiro - On a break from this after too many distractions, but almost finished my 2nd playthru. 2 more to go for plat.

    World War Z - If Valve aren't going to give us Left 4 Dead 3, I'll take this instead. It's basically the same game, but with a character class and weapon upgrade system. You can also use scavenged defence systems during swarms such as turrets, barbed wire, and electrocution traps. You really need these on the higher difficulty modes because the swarms are massive. Based on the book and not the movie, so the game has 4 different campaigns in 4 different countries (USA, Israel, Russia, Japan) with 4 different playable characters for each country. You don't play as Brad Pitt. It's a lot of fun, but there are a lot of stability issues when it comes to playing online. The game will sometimes crash at the load screen, but good news is I've never had a mid-game crash, so if you get past the first hurdle, you should be good to go. It has both PVE and PVP modes similar to L4D's too. For the price and what you get I think it's a good deal. If you loved L4D definitely worth a look. 
  • Ok ok ok

    Risk of Rain 2 (PC): It's fun, it's hard, it's much better co-op than single player, it still needs some improvements. There need to be more boss and enemy varieties and a few more maps mostly, and I sure wish the teleporter was easier to find. I think being able to hold two unique ability items would be rad, too, because you end up just sort of settling on one and never getting to try another in each run. The game handles motion really well and when you get to be able to triple or quad jump and use the class that can teleport it just becomes this fast, flowly, fun time. The shooty stuff works well and feels fine. Some of the planets are quite striking at first. I think you should start with more than just 1 class unlocked. They don't have to give all 8 or whatever but at least a few would be nice. It's still in beta so who knows. It's pretty fun. Great co-op. Probably has a shelf life of like 15-20 hours of game time though.

    Monster Hunter: World (PC): I played a decent chunk on PS4 and have been trying to play my PC copy a bit more. Trying is the key word here. I've only gotten the first few achievements, done a handful of investigations and haven't even mounted a monster yet. So really early. 

    Borderlands 2 (PC): I liked Borderlands, then hated Borderlands, now I'm somewhere in between as I start up BL2 again. There are so many times the writing is actually kind of funny and transgressive in a good way and then other times it's just stupendously cringey, painful, and immature in a bad way. It hasn't aged super well, either. Picking up ammo sucks. Starting inventory size should be bigger. The stores are completely useless. Bullet sponges are a real thing. The main city or whatever is really quite empty and soulless even for the time this game came out. Some of the enemy camp locations are just annoying more than fun or challenging. Still, it shoots pretty well, is funny some times, and the loot mechanics are nice. It's a game that can look really, really pretty still too. It doesn't make you spend an ungodly amount of time transversing nothing like other shooters that take this open world design do. I'll keep playing until I don't, I guess, but maybe there's more hope for 3 than I originally had. Or maybe not. Or MAYBE nothing matters.

    Overwatch (PC): I have played only like 6 matches in the new event and have no new skins yet. I have like 19k coins but don't want to use them all. I'll see if I can work on this some but I doubt it. I've gotten enough time with Baptiste to feel alright with him. Had a couple great Widow rounds.
  • Another month rolls by.

    Days Gone - The press kinda shit all over this one but I didn't think it was too bad. The motorcycle maintenance was a bit annoying early on but after you level it up a bit it was OK. It's also a pity it came out on top of World War Z which did zombie hordes so much better, since the hordes were a big part of the marketing (and yet surprisingly few and far between in the actual game). Definitely not up to par with some of the other recent Sony exclusives but also definitely not a bad game. It has a very Last of Us feel to it, but doesn't execute anywhere near as well.

    World War Z - The grind is immense in this game, but it's almost over. This game is so damn good. They have fixed up a lot of the server issues too. I haven't been disconnected or crashed for a long time now. If you liked Left 4 Dead at all you really should give this a go.

    Rage 2 - The combat is sort of fun. The rest of the game blows. The game is another post-apocalyptic pointless open world single player game with micro-transactions crudely shoved in. The devs had the balls to throw shade at Far Cry New Dawn but New Dawn is easily the better game. Jim Sterling did a great video on everything wrong with the game. After Rage 1 was such a flop I was expecting more from Rage 2, but nope, another dud. I think we can already see the fork in the arse of this one. It's done. No Rage 3.

    Borderlands 2 - Playing through it again with friends after we did Borderlands 1. We'll move on to the Pre-Sequel after this. BL3 will hopefully be good despite Randy having touched it.

    See you in a month!
  • KH3:
    I'm in Twilight town at the beginning of the game. The writing is really fucking bad, and not in the acid trippy way of the second game. It's as if they didn't realise that their target audience had all grown up. They should have gotten some pixar level writers to translate and do a complete rewrite so that's it's not so abominable. 

    The writing aside: it's beautiful and I'm really loving the soundtrack. The combat lacks depth, but knowing this series it will expand and greatly improve over time. Also: the gummi ships seems to have been greatly improved as well, so that's a plus!
  • Offworld Trading Company (PC): I did most of the tutorial. Seemed fine. Nifty but not particularly game changing strategy/sim builder game.

    Mordhau (PC): I did most of the tutorial. Genuinely funny. Also just don't really have the time to commit to PvP in a game like this, so if I play it'll be against AI. Unforgiving combat for sure.

    Divinity: Original Sin 2 (PC): I started a new file/team. This is a very good game that I just stalled out around 20 hours previously, not out of anything it did wrong. I changed from normal difficulty to story mode to try to blaze through it. How well written and designed this game gives me a lot hope for these folks making a good Baldur's Gate 3, assuming that the leak is true, which it sure looks like.
  • Another month rolls by....

    So I think we can definitely say that CD Projekt Red owned E3 this year. Hideo Kojima can recruit whoever he wants; nothing is going to beat the giant dong CDPR put on the table by announcing (and managing to keep secret for so long) that John Wick would be a main character in Cyberpunk 2077.

    It's sad, yet not surprising, that butt-hurt SJW types are trying to make something out of nothing to get click bait negativity generated around a game and a project that deserves nothing but support from the gaming community. Mike Pondsmith should be a wet dream for SJW 'empowerment' propaganda, and instead he has to defend his baby from accusations of racism. Get fucked. Get full proper fucked.

    As for what I've been playing,

    Overwatch - As always

    World War Z - Platted it. Liked the new free DLC. Looking forward to more.

    Rage 2 - Platted it. Don't care about the new DLC.

    Fallout 76 Battle Royale Mode - No, not really. I just enjoy typing that. Good work Bethesda, for providing the internet with another year's supply of meme-worthy cringe.

  • Total War: Three Kingdoms (PC): This game is fantastic. The emphasis on powerful generals in romance mode is a really cool narrative touch, and doesn't really make it less strategic, it just focuses a little less strategy on troop stamina and movement, and more on interpersonal relationships and managing the generals happiness and stats. It's a very complex game but one you can pretty much pick up what you need within a few hours of just noodling around with an easy starting position. My biggest complaints are I wish they made it easier to get very specific breakdowns on income and food sources. Late game they can fluctuate wildly, and managing production, tax, trade agreements, and all the other things that can contribute to this can be tricky. There's a very simple breakdown accessible from the main page but it doesn't allow for tweaks or specification you really need. The other only complaint I have is that it feels like diplomacy is really heavily weighted towards never doing a single thing nice towards the enemy of a friend unless you want that friend to unequivocally hate you forever, which seems a bit reductive from a diplomatic standpoint. Otherwise, this game makes time absolutely melt by and is super elegant and compelling and fun.

    Final Fantasy VII (PC): I am slowly working my way through another playthrough of this. I just got the huge materia at Fort Condor and am headed to Corel Reactor next. I say this every 5 years or so when I replay it, but it still holds up pretty darn well. Well balanced enemy encounter rate, still a story that's messy but full of really good ideas and values, outside of Cloud a good cast of characters, and still has killer music. 
  • Well, it's September...

    I can't remember everything played since last posting, so here are just the recent games:

    Gears 5 - I'm not feeling it. I don't think the open world does anything for it. It's just empty space for the most part. The campaign in terms of story is OK, and having 3 player co-op is fun, but I don't know, it's not really gripping me. The new game mode, Escape, is not my thing, nor is PvP, and sadly even this iteration of Horde is a bit awful imo. The microtransactions have nothing micro about them. They are crazy expensive for a bunch of uninspired skins.

    Remnant From The Ashes - Brilliant game. A third-person shooter with some Souls influence, random maps, accessible multiplayer. fun enemies and bosses. And reasonably priced! Give it a go.

    A Plague Tale - If you enjoy story-driven games give it a go. I was very pleasantly surprised by this.

    Blair Witch - What crap. If you want to walk around dark woods clicking on things, engaging in wank combat, and enduring one of the most painfully boring end sequences in a while, this is your game. 

    See ya 'round NoobToob! You've become that old football on the lawn that nobody wants to kick around anymore. 
  • Final Fantasy VII (PC): Made a bit more progress and finished up the Cid required parts. Sadly those are the parts with some of the longest and worst written cutscenes.

    Overwatch (PC): Played a bit of Sigma and just messed around in general, had a 6 game win streak in which I nabbed at least 2 gold medals in every match and 3 play of the games. Nice. Not really a fan of Sigma so far. Don't like having more shields in the game.

    Remnant From The Ashes (PC): I cleared the first sort of tutorial fight and that's it. I think I'll like this game a lot. I just need to have a good block of time set aside to do so. 

    Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition (PC): Our D&D group inspired me to bust out some good D&D video games again. I cleared the first two of four areas in the city so far with my monk dude. Know the first 1/3 of this game or so still like the back of my hand. What a good series. Sucks that both NWN and KOTOR tapped out after 2 games each. 

    Path of Exile (PC): Got my ascendancy class with an alt character. Might try the tower defense stuff out, might just end up playing the game itself since I have a mid game alt still to use. We were really spoiled with these types of games for awhile. PoE, Diablo 3, Torchlight, several others all did this game so well for a time there. Will be interested to see where the 2020s take us with this type of game given games as service models.
  • Gears 5 - I'm baffled by the good press this game got. After finishing it the only thing I wanted to do was delete it from my hard drive. The story, which seemed promising, deteriorated rapidly, becoming almost comically stupid by the end. And that ending came abruptly with a totally unsatisfying resolution that we're going to have to wait another 3 years to see properly resolved. And then there are the technical issues. Damn! Crashing regularly, becoming unable to upgrade the robot, losing all sound for some sections, frame rate drops to the single digits, just an absolute mess. And a horrible open world that exists just to pad out the game's run-time. I think I'm done with the series as a whole at this point. It's almost as bad as Halo now. 

    Borderlands 3 - Really enjoying it. It's still just more Borderlands, but that's exactly what I wanted. I will say that the new antagonists are a bit shit, but then Handsome Jack was always going to be hard to top. Shooty-killy-looty with overdrive bombastic everything is what I came for though, and it's delivering so far. I've heard that some have issues with online but so far I've not had any, it's been a fun co-op experience. There have been some frame rate issues, but even those, after experiencing Gears 5, are negligible for me. I also don't care that Randy is a dick and Epic Store bad. He's always been a dick and I play on console. Welcome to reality PC gamers. Expect more platforms and exclusivity deals going forward. It's still a good game.

    Astral Chain - I'm loving having a reason to use my Switch again. I haven't played much of this yet, but what I have, I like. 
  • Been a while since I have been around here, doesn't seem like there has been much action to be fair. As for games well....right now I'm playing Gears 5 and although it pains me to say this but I agree with you Flib. I haven't encountered many issues with the game the main complaint I have is that the game is just dull. I don't even want to carry on playing. I am someone who played through the first 3 gears on release night. One sitting. How the mighty have fallen.

    I've played a little Remnant on PS4, not enough to comment on yet, same with Fire Emblem.
  • Astral Chain - Really enjoyed it. It's so unashamedly anime, which I usually don't go for, but Platinum did a good job here. 

    Borderlands 3 - Fun Borderlands gameplay, but man was that story awful. I had lost interest completely by the end. The side missions were more entertaining than the main plot. I'm not a fan of the new characters (except for Ice Teddy Bear), or the rehashed Siren story, or the lip service paid to the old vault hunters from BL1 & 2. The shooty looty stuff is still good though.

    Surge 2 - Only scratched the surface, but I like what I'm seeing, a lot. Disclaimer: I was a massive fan of Surge 1.

    Code Vein - Because just 1 anime weaboo game is not enough. I haven't put much time into this one at all yet, but as it's a Souls-like game, I'm hopeful. 

    World War Z - Been trying to play challenge mode to get challenge coins to buy cosmetics. Jesus fuck is it hard! Judging by the lack of people I've played with using cosmetics, I'm guessing others are finding it just as hard too. 

    Terraria - Sat down and sunk a few hours into it. The patience is starting to pay off, and things are getting interesting.

    The Sinking City - Played through the opening sections. Seems like it could be an interesting, albeit clunky, little gem. Cthulhu going public domain hopefully means more games like this, and more hopefully something really special eventually. 
  • Diablo 3 (PC): Ran a bunch of rifts and did a seasonal character to like level 30 before I burnt out. Leveling seasonal characters is a lot more dull now since everyone I used to play with no longer does, so I can't get that sweet co-op XP bonus. Some of my monk characters are mostly maxed out so it's a matter of finding some I still need loot on and grinding for.

    Overwatch (PC): Got the Bastion Lego skin and had a mixed bag of really good and really bad matches. Still don't like what Sigma brings to the game.

    Picked up Borderlands 3 finally so I'll be trying that out some. 
  • Finished Gears ....just so god damn bland.

    Got bored of Remnant, got bored of Links Awakening.

    Picked up some Need for Speed game and Battlefront 2 in the sale. I'll give them a shot. Might have a crack at Red Dead online too
  • Borderlands 3 (PC): I'm level 13 and have done a decent amount of quests on Promethea now after finishing every early game quest on Pandora. It's pretty fun, but it really is Borderlands 2.5. Gunplay, loot mechanics, physics, everything runs very similarly. There are a few minor QoL adjustments, and I like the slightly enhanced movement features, and I appreciate new planets. Pandora especially was wearing out its welcome early, and Promethea feels very sort of Star Wars/Mass Effect sci-fi in ways the wild west Pandora didn't, which is a nice change of pace. The new class skill customization feels more indepth and you can actually plot out your characters to play pretty different from one another if you'd like. I also like the unique class skills. I'm playing Moze and her mech is fun, albeit short lived in a big fire fight. I like the ship as a main base of operations too; these games have always let their cities feel really empty and desolate and full of NPCs that cycle through like 2 lines each, so to condense the population into a smaller area is nice. Home bases on planets still feel sparse but at least feature some guards and stuff. They've done a good job again not making planets too big, and on vehicle you can cover a lot of ground quickly. I like how quickly the game varies up the vehicles too this time round.

    There is one pretty major problem though, and it's followed the series around a bit, but is even worse now, and it's the backtracking. And when you have gameplay basically the exact same for the third game in a row, the environments and exploring and writing and quests and all that have to carry what the routine gameplay can't. But man early on... the backtracking is frustrating. The first major boss you fight is after winding through a large enemy filled rise, which has a big windy base at the back you'll fight through. After fighting through that entire area, then fighting back out, you'll get a quest to send you... right back through the same place. It sounded cool - you are to rescue someone being VR tortured - but instead of being a bonkers, lucid, off-the-wall trip, the game just gave you a shitty filter and expected you to immediately go back through what you literally just went through. The amount of quests that kind of do this gets annoying. Find a power core for a robot. Then find an item for that robot. Then find another item for the robot. And each time its presented as if you won't need to get anymore for the quest, and then it's sort of 'laugh and wink-wink,' that we're making you slog for another power core or whatever and bring back each item one at a time.

    It's a shame too because this game is pretty ridiculous and funny as we've come to expect. There are plenty of chuckle moments and the meme culture cringe is greatly reduced and replaced with straight sort of bonkers silliness. It's a bummer then that the main antagonists feel weak. I think there was a real opportunity here to rip into Youtube/streamer/twitch culture in a really provocative way, but instead the two streamers are mostly just generic assholes with a power streak and could have been anyone really - nothing about them screams internet star so much as just sociopath.

    I still still still wish this game gave you a bigger backpack to start. I know it's supposed to be something you activate, but just like BL2, it's too reductive and you're going to leave shit behind, which, in a loot based game, is no bueno. It also gets old opening lockers and boxes all the time, but I suppose you don't have to do so, but then again all that petty cash adds up pretty quickly. I also feel like the UI could be better and have felt that way since the first game. Something about it just feels clunkier than it needs to be given how much info you are given. But I am not sure. 

    Anyways. The art direction is spot on and like I said, Promethea is cool, and the planets at night are particularly quite pretty, but again, BL2 was similar in that regard. I like the ship a lot, I like the gun play and I like the general structure of the game. The writing is decent, humor is good, everything is solid, the new class trees are pretty cool; it's just sort of redundant now, to the point I can play about an hour or two at most before I am good for the day. It's a good game, it's just a very familiar one.
  • Surge 2 - Really good. Really really good.

    PvZ Battle for Neighbourville (or some shit like that) - PvZ goes open world and micro-transactioned up the arse hole. Pretty sad state of affairs for the series but not surprising given the state of the industry as a whole at the moment. 

    Code Vein - Still not finished. I like it quite a bit. It's not got quite the Dark Souls vibe in its combat but it's still fun. 

    Judgment - The announcement of Yakuza 7 motivated me to play this. I'm not a Kim Tak fan which is why I had avoided the game until now but I'm only human and cave like anyone else. Actually a really good game, which is not surprising since it's a Yakuza studio game. All the hallmarks are there.

    Overwatch - Not really, but if Blizzard make a pro-Hong Kong Mei skin to make up for the shocking display of brown-tonguing China this past week, I may go back to the game.
  • Borderlands 3 (PC) -- Finished up Lectra City quests. Kind of a slog, but I still find the game fun enough to continue. Boss difficulty is all over the place. The megamind dude was stupid easy, but the gazillionaire sex fiend was hard. Still wish backtracking wasn't quite as bad but it has lightened up. Gunplay and humor is still intact so far.

    The Outer Worlds (PC) -- Spent a few hours, did all the quests in the beginning area, got my ship going, and a couple party members. Feels a lot like new Fallout but with better gun mechanics. Menus need some work, particularly when at vendors - how they display if something you have is equipped on you or a party member is a very subtle background change behind the item. There's also so much stuff to collect that inventory can become overwhelming. Luckily, carrying capacity has not been at all an issue. The writing so far is pretty good but not great, so that's a bit disappointing, but the art direction and alien beauty of the first world is fantastic. Now that I can fly around and have a couple companions we will see how things go, but so far this doesn't feel as great as I was lead to believe, and more of just Fallout but with a lot more color and better gun mechanics and way less bugs and graphical glitches (it's stable! weeeee!). That's not at all bad, but not exactly world on fire cool. I appreciate all the fast travel places too because again, the backtracking early on is a bit much. Loading screens take awhile. The first city feels a little dull. A couple of the early choices are tough but without much foreshadowing of their results, it's hard to feel like you can make a choice that is well-reasoned, and the game punishing you for that feels a bit unfair. Anyways. It's alright, going to try more, feel myself more in the "it's good" not "it's great" camp. Nothing about the writing has really stood out to me, and it's the very campy corporate sci-fi of Fallout/Bioshock/pulp sci-fi/Borderlands that is pretty well worn. The writing is supposed to be fantastic and it is Obsidian so fingers crossed.

    Edit: There are some nice QoL things. Dialogue options via lie/persuade/intimidate/engineering/etc. are plentiful and it feels like then your character is unlocking a lot of options early. Just the other day I was complaining about lockpicking minigames in TES games and looky here, no minigames like that. I do miss grenades or a dash or dodge but maybe that's just me being weird. Get the perk to sprint faster early on. You'll do a lot of running around.
  • The Outer Worlds (PC) -- I'm back and forth. There was a period I could say I loved it, and now the last couple mornings doing quests in Roseway, I feel kind of burnt out after 30-40 minutes. I think there's something to be said for the fact that so far, we have these wonderful alien worlds and yet the most common enemy I've fought so far are robots, which also happen to be the most uninteresting to fight, as they're bullet sponges unless you hit their weak points, which are lights and can be sort of hard to find. Stepping out of a robot base and into a fight with a heavily armored human carrying a flamethrower and a raptidon was much more interesting. I know there are many more robot fights to be had, which is a bummer. Give us weirdness, not beeps and boops and boring repetitive motion and weapons. Roseway itself as a town is really small but full of cool NPCs (including a hilarious dialogue between a Tossball sabermetrically inclined scientist and a security guard who just preferred players who score all the time) and the musical score and sound combines extremely well to create a sense of a town that is just on its death bead, at the outskirts of society and teetering on the edge of full violence. And it's moments like that that feel so good. First impressions in this game are relentless and full of "wow" moments, whether planets, asteroids, spaceships, towns, whatever, and then the game ferrets you off on 4 quests into generic warehouses to fight robots and read tons and tons of "snarky" info from computer terminals that just gets boring. Maybe it's too much to ask for everything to look good, but man the quest locations are so uninspiring compared to the rest of the game, and sauntering off into the wilderness over and over only to go in an abandoned building to fight robots feels... dull. This game lives in the interactions between characters, in the weirdness, in the decay of corporate dystopia, not in Science Lab 2A which has 14 robot enemies that all I want to do is fire my grenade launcher at to get the combat over with. And it's not even that the combat is bad, far from it, it just would be nice to have more enemy variety right now. 

    Anyways, I'd like to wrap up Roseway soon, which is probably also a bit of a bummer because it's the same planet the first town is on, and move onto an actual new planet with new topography and climate and all that. Roseway has also been all sidequests, so I'll see how the main story picks up once I get back to it.

    As always in these types of games, too, sneaking is super helpful and just steal everything. It's fun and it helps a lot. I really appreciate how varied the dialogue options can be and how dialogue skills help in combat and help with things like getting caught. Much more fleshed out than previous similar games.
  • The Outer Worlds (PC): My characters are almost level 18. I've done all the citywide quests in Stellar Bay, which happens to be far and away the biggest city so far, and feels a bit like an actual town/village. The way it's laid out is so smart too, with a major corp HQ in the city center with doors on like every side, making it a sort of spoke you can traverse the city with. it seems small but little stuff like this is cool. There are a TON of quests and characters in the city that you will complete and talk too strictly from within the city, and some of the more interesting dialogue the game has so far. I've only done a few quests outside the city, but I have a good 6-7 that lead me to a far away ghost town and mountain and the wilds. I've been fighting humans and raptidons, and it looks like a mantiqueen is coming. I'm excited about the lack of robots but man the raptidon spawns are so so so frequent now it's almost borderline annoying. I also ran into one of the specific dark messed up questlines that like every modern TES and Fallout game has incorporated. I might have ended the affair with a big ol hammer. Anyways. I'm finding some cooler armor and weapons now and the appeal of this area has been nice. One of the characters I used to hate is growing on me too (I've had to take him because I have his companion quest in the area I am at). So yeah. Pretty good! Still don't think the writing is like AMAZING but it's a well thought out game that mostly gets out of the way of the player doing whatever they want.

    I was hoping to finish The Outer Worlds soon but I am doing like, all the quests, so I don't know when I'll get to Death Stranding or Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, but the latter is Respawn and is kiilling it with the reviews soooooo yeah. Too many fucking games right now. I'm kind of thankful I don't have a Switch or else I'd be pining for Pokemon too.
  • Work has been really hectic, so I have been really swamped the past couple months. But....

    WoW: I actually never played this back in the day but my bf told me I would love this, and I’ve really been enjoying it. My dwarf hunter is a lot of fun to play, and started leveling a priest alt as well.

    I also ordered Pokémon shield so we’ll see how that goes. The one awesome thing about being a grad student is that I can’t really do that much outside of the lab and I don’t take classes, so most of my thanksgiving week will be spent just hanging out with family and playing switch games, muhaha.
  • The Outer Worlds (PC): I think I am almost done with this as I am level 27 (level cap is 30, most people finish the game around 25-27). I'm in Byzantium after having finished all of Monarch and done some more Scylla and random stuff. My companion quests are clearly all near their ends. I just got a quest that wants me to run around to like 4 different locations on various planets which feels like an annoying late game filler to make sure I've done everything I want everywhere.

    I like the choices this game forces me to make even if the story still isn't amazing. Characters are tough to trust, some for cheap reasons, some not, and there's a very apparent sense of wrongness throughout almost every location or city or town or whatever. I find myself wondering if this game could have used some weirder guns or maybe powers or something, because by now the shooting has mostly worn out its welcome.

    Pretty much every planet and location was stunning in its own way and felt very unique and different. They did a fantastic job with biology and topography and atmosphere. The main NPCs you interact with are compelling enough and the story on Monarch was probably the best of any of the main plot lines. I just uncovered a potential massive conspiracy with my Sublight quest line that actually could be really, really cool (and dark and fucked up) if done right, so I hope it's not a feint and just a "haha jk" type thing. Anyways. Like I said, I am guessing I am at least 80-85% done and I mostly really enjoyed it, but I don't think it was a GotY type experience. We'll see how these last 4 or 6 or 8 hours or whatever or so go.
  • Also I can't even imagine getting to 2019 without having played WoW at least once!
  • Outer Worlds - Good stuff. Fallout without the bugs and brown scenery everywhere. I was hoping Obsidian would push the envelope a little more, but still satisfied with it. With a bigger budget these guys could do great things. As it is there is not much movement in the game. NPCs are rooted in place at all times. Unless you shoot them. And no romance options was a surprise. But again, money. Being able to play a full non-microtransactioned game this good through Xbox game pass on release day made me feel guilty enough that I bought it on PS4 too. 

    Wolfenstein Youngblood - It's crap. 

    Luigi's Mansion 3 - It's great. 

    Jedi Fallen Order - It's OK. I'm so over Star Wars that I was not hyped for this at all. I only went in because I was hearing it had some Souls qualities to it (which is bullshit btw). The customization was crap too. It has the Zelda BOTW mechanic where if you die you respawn immediately where you died but with slightly less health. Whoever compared this to Dark Souls was smoking very potent substances. If you still like Star Wars at all give it a go, but for me the whole thing was pretty meh. 

    This year's GOTY nominations are pretty terrible overall. Obviously Sekiro would be my pick from the list of options, even though I had some issues with it. If Death Stranding gets it I'll not be surprised but also lose all remaining faith in the gaming industry and gaming populace (which admittedly isn't much anyway). Resident Evil 2 or Control I could live with. Outer Worlds was good but a tired formula that needed to push more for GOTY contention. Smash can get fucked too. 

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