thread for topics not worth starting its own thread.
  • Still have no idea what Blade Runner is about.

    Blindspot & Sense8

    Favorite and current guilty pleasures in such a very long time ago.
  • HI!
    Felt the need to say: Had a lovely trip down memory lane today, spent a couple hours trawling the olde reviews.... Some good memories. Hope all of you are well.

    *hobbles away with her old lady cane, into the sunset*
    Noobied by 1GoodEnoughForMe
  • Also like to have a trip down memory lane every now and then here. Was just wondering if anyone remembered when we got a group going to record that Portal song, Still Alive, on xbox live I think during a call of duty game. I think I was in high school so I think it must have been like 10 years ago? I will be honest that I cringe when I think that somewhere out there is my 16 year old voice on some recording singing something off key. Oof.
  • jesus christ everyone got old

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