Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 11/06/2018
  • As big a Sony fanboy as I am, it has been weird to play Mario Odessey all the way through. My children demanded it. As a nerd dad, if your kids demand to watch you play a game, just go with that. Mario is a good game, and a very polished game, but I do not get what the big deal is. Rayman was a better game, for my money. Clearly it is the nostalgia thing. The way I feel about Marvel movies, that is how Nintendo folk feel about Mario.

    Other than that, just a whole lot of Elder Dragon Highlander in Magic the Gathering. I refuse to play breakfast hulk or any infinite combos, but I do like to do bomb ass shit. Please enjoy Elesh Norn and Nature's Revolt. Trying to be a bit original, wildest dreams instead of eternal witness. Cards not seen every game. Tendershoot dryad is an under utilized monster of a five drop.
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  • I think I played like 3 Overwatch matches but I can't remember for sure.
  • (XB1) Forza Motorsport 7 Every single night. Do jobs around the house until I'm too tired to do any more. Sit down and do some work stuff until I'm too tired to keep going. Go and sit in front of the TV, do two races in Forza and then fall asleep. Every single night.
  • I don't actually think I played anything last week. I'm trying my hardest to think back but I'm drawing a blank. Since the Nintendo E3 presser I have found a little interest for Fortnite. Well my girlfriend has and she's made me play with her. It's kinda cool to sit there chilling. Her on the switch, me on the Xbox playing duos in Fortnite.

    Her pique in interest has made me wonder how well my MacBook air can run the game. I doubt very well but if a switch can play it maybe.

    By the way Fortnite account management is a nightmare, I spent hours trying to get the same account on all my devices. Having to deactivate an account on one, which took longer than it should. Also come on Sony. Play along. It's the only platform that won't link up fully.

    I have been hearing a lot of rocksteady buzz lately (mainly because they didn't show anything at E3) but that has got me thinking about giving the latest Arkham game another shot. Maybe more next week.

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  • Dark Souls Remastered - Played a little bit of this. The massive number of twinks playing this have pretty much ruined it for me though. Everyone is OP as fuck.

    The Witcher 3 - Finally platted this. Gwent card collecting can suck a dick. It took ages and was not particularly fun to do. I might give the dlc a try next time.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider - Went back and platted this one too. The first game had multiplayer which did nothing for it, and this game had score attack mode which does nothing for it. Hopefully with the next game they figure out that just a really good campaign is all they need. Maybe the survival or endurance mode could be reworked into something more interesting.

    Mad Max - Did a little bit more. I just have to clear out 1 more zone and finish off the story. Most of the irritating stuff has been done now.

    Dying Light - Went back and played a bit more of this. Another game I started and gave up on.

    E3 put me in the mood to go back and finish a lot of stuff with all their sequel talk. 

  • Mario Odyssey clicked for me when I slowed down and really took in the environments. Combing over all the small details and faffing about until something happened; the relaxed pace took me by surprise. I enjoyed Odyssey a lot and finished it too (well, I got the credits - not the true 100% ending which was good enough).

    Dying Light for me is the ultimate zombie open world, survival game. I loved it and I'm sitting on 94% completion after sprawling the world with my partner. No matter how long I had played it, every time you leaped to get off of street level, it felt like a zombie was right behind you and was about to pull you mid-jump back down. The score that underpins everything is littered with zombie sounds; so you really never feel alone and you're never sure if you are. Very freaky fun.


    This week I've been hard at Stardew Valley on the Vita.
    I have it on the Switch and did a year on it, however I've swapped over to the Vita because it fits in the inner pocket of my coat so I've always got it on my commute. I've just done another year but this time much better and I've made a lot more progress. I've got a maxed out barn and coop. Huge amounts of irrigated farming land, and a horse! I'm very pleased with myself and intend to keep going for quite a bit.

    Other than that, I've been playing BotW on the Switch. The way the wind sweeps gently by, accompanied by that piano sequence is lovely. And then you get absolutely annihilated by some mob. I wouldn't say that this is a game that I'm playing, more like a virtual world that I'm existing in.


    And last week, I finished Uncharted 4!!! In about 3 sittings from Friday night, Saturday, and then Sunday I was glued to the couch and hellbent on finishing it. When I did, it felt like saying good bye and I was quite sombre. The characters had developed and moved on and their story was now finished. I don't remember when it was that I finished Uncharted 1, but through the series over the last decade I had grown to really like Nathan and his half-tuck, his wife with her kickass photography and Sully with his eternally paternal role that always had your back. The only time I felt this way about a game was after Mass Effect 1-3. So, I think I really liked Uncharted. It was fun and thrilling and amazing and gorgeous but I'm kind of sad now.


    After Zelda and more Stardew, I'm hoping that my next game will be Mario Tennis, Detective Pikachu (if on sale for about ~$30), Steamworld Dig 2, or Dishonored 2. I'm really looking forward to Smash Bros in December!
  • My copies of Detroit and Vampyr arrived today. Which one should I dive into first?

    Dying Light is fun, and I was a big fan of Dead Island despite the shittiness. The parkour stuff wasn't doing much for me, I spent more time banging into things and falling than smoothly traversing the rooftops. But now I have a grapple hook, which has negated all need for parkour and pretty much broken the game. Catch me if you can, zombies!

    Picked up Kingdom Come Deliverance too. Now waiting for a 22gb patch to install. Yikes.

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